Synrad F200/201 Lasers Serviced

To all Synrad F-series 200 and 201 users:

Photovac Laser has actively repaired Synrad F-series lasers for many years. With the aging population of Synrad Lasers FSF 200 and 201, Photovac Laser and Photovac Laser RF has found it self in a very unique position. Photovac Laser Worldwide and Photovac Laser RF currently have serviced over Ninety 200 and 201 laser tubes along with RF boards. Photovac Laser is the only company to have replacement boards and replacement tubes for these Synrad model lasers.

Customers have QUICKLY come to find out there are other parties attempting to repair these laser tubes and RF’s without any manufacture support. The end result is being ripped-off for repairs that are never completed or their laser is simply NEVER returned to the rightful owner. Photovac Laser Worldwide and Photovac Laser RF has schematics, boards, tubes and optics for the lasers and RF sections. NO OTHER PARTY HAS SUCH DRAWINGS OR SUPPORT.

Please feel free to contact us for further information regarding Synrad’s FSF200 and 201 lasers, and other Synrad laser products Photovac Laser provides complete and comprehensive service on.

If you have RF questions, please contact Photovac Laser RF @ 614.957.5817.

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