Photovac Laser India

Photovac Laser has announced a major step into the Asia market of Co2 laser tube repair services.

Photovac Laser India, New Delhi, will be the first international move for Photovac Laser (Grove City,Ohio) into the massive engraving and industrial markets for reprocessed and remanufactured Co2 tubes. Photovac’s new Director of Marketing and Sales, Minaj Farrukh will head the international office located in Delhi.

“Minhaj is a perfect fit for us” said CEO Christopher Zelich. “Minhaj is a native of India, speaks the language, knows the people, and has the right contacts to expand our business”. Photovac has established an office and repair facility in Delhi inspecting lasers prior to being returned to Photovac facilities for repairs.

Photovac has plans to expand its service facilities upon approval of the India government .For further information, please call Photovac Laser or contact Minhaj @


06/27/20-16 Photovac Laser Worldwide continued expansion into the India market place. We will soon annouce new service alliances within the regions of India and Bangladesh. Interested parties with a solid financial footprint in the region, and would like to join our ever growing service provider team, may contact us @ 1.888.349.8823. We have remaining openings in India and surrounding countries.

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