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PULT Laser Tester

Photovac PULT Laser Tester

PULT. Photovac Laser Worldwide has the diagnostic tools to make your life easier when diagnosing laser tube operation, optical alignments, engraver software, power supplies, and interlocks.

Our PULT tester or Photovac Universal Laser Tester fits ANY RF Co2 laser in the marketplace. The PULT has three unique settings to work with the laser tube. With a simple attachment to the laser signal connector and the use of the system's power supply, you can by-pass all electronics and interlocks that may interfere with the laser’s operation.

You can either run the laser at a low power setting to perform optical alignments. There are two additional settings to measure the full capacity and power output of the laser tube itself. The PULT device helps you determine that your power supply controls the proper current required for adequately run laser tube operation.


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