Photovac Laser Worldwide

Photovac Laser has the capabilities and parts to service or repair all SCX models of Rofin/Luxinar CO2 lasers.

Our service lineup includes:
  • Reprocess (regas) in 10.6um and 9.4um
  • Replace and service seals
  • Replace, service and manufacture optics
  • RF Exciter, Power supply and electronic repair services
  • Full recondition / remanufacture of laser tubes (resonator)

Our dedicated team can easily repair SR, OEM, SCX 10/10i, SCX 20, SCX 30, and the SCX 60 line of products.

This even includes 48V and 50V Power Supplies and RF Exciters such as: SC2DC48, HPC 816-1, PMB 400, RF 1K/2K/3K/6K and PS60W-3PME.

Let Photovac get your laser up and running and get you back in business!

    All of the lasers we service are covered by a one-year tube warranty and a 90 day warranty for electronics.

    Rofin® Brand Lasers are Trademarks of Rofin/Luxinar Laser.