Photovac Laser Worldwide

Photovac Laser has the capabilities in-house to service or repair all models of Synrad CO2 lasers.

Our dedicated team can service Evolution, Firestar T and Ti, 48 series, 57 series, F series and P series.

Our service lineup includes:
  • Reprocess (regas) in 10.6um and 9.4um
  • Replace and service seals
  • Replace, service and manufacture optics
  • RF Exciter, Power supply and electronic repair services
  • Full recondition / remanufacture of laser tubes (resonator)

With Photovac's recent acquisition of the Synrad Evolution laser line, we are now the only authorized service center for Evolution lasers.

Let Photovac get your Synrad laser up and running!

    All of the lasers we service are covered by a one-year tube warranty and a 90 day warranty for electronics.

    Synrad 48-series and Synrad 57-series lasers receive our industry-leading 18-month warranty.

    Synrad ® Brand Lasers are Trademarks of Synrad Laser.