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  • Coherent K500 OEM and Performance Packages

    Dear Coherent Users:

    Photovac Laser Worldwide has a complete inventory of Coherent K500 Co2 laser tubes ready to go for exchange. If you have an OEM system or a Performance Package, we have both in stock and ready to go. If you need Power Modules repair or power supply updates we also have them ready to go. Please call 614.875.3300 or 1.888.349.8823 (1.888.fixtube)

  • Photovac Laser Worldwide Introduces “PhotovacPowerCube”

    To our Coherent K-series OEM Users:

    In cooperation with our Photovac RF Power Division

    , Photovac Laser Worldwide now offers Coherent OEM users an alternative to your old Power One power supplies.

    Photovac Laser has a perfect replacement “PowerCube” or PPC that is a direct replacement for your Coherent OEM system Power One power supplies. By simply extracting your old supplies from your OEM equipment, you simply place, plug and use the newest in power supply management. Our PowerCube offers up to 125 AMPS, 48VDC power for your Coherent Laser tube and RF supply. Simple connections allow you to connect to your preexisting Coherent controller and get you back running.

    Please call us @ 614.875.3300 or 1.888.349.8823 for further information and details. Remember, Photovac Laser also offers power supply module upgrades for your Coherent Performance Package systems.

  • Is price worth the cost of shoddy repairs !

    I continue to have report after report of shoddy repairs from a company out East. When a company is offering you $850 re gasses and then charges you $4000 for the repair there is something very wrong. Our customers report this company doesn’t return the laser for months and months or doesn’t return it at all. I’m also receiving reports that the promised warranty is not kept. After regassing, customers report the laser fails in a month or two and is sent back for further repairs. Months can go by before you get a response or they say there is something else wrong with the laser costing thousands of dollars extra. Please make sure you are working with a reputable 3rd. party provider. Check your Better Business Bureau reporting on the company. Check with co-workers and other business that have used their service.

    We at Photovac Laser promise you a straight forward answer on your repairs. Are we perfect no, but our customers posts do provide you with accurate information. We stand by our word. This is why Photovac Laser is the world recognized provided of carbon dioxide laser repairs.

    If you would like to provide a post on our LASER REPORT REPORT site, please feel free to contact me. You may send us your email with your experience. We do post the customers business name and post the exact words written by our customers.



    Photovac RF Power has introduced its latest upgrades for Coherent K-Series power modules. Coherent power modules in the past have used the old Power-One power supplies that are obsolete. We have used the Power One power supply for years, but parts are now impossible to find and the power supplies impossible to repair says Christopher Zelich, Owner, Photovac Laser Worldwide.
    With some research and cunning engineering, we have integrated today’s modern-day switching power supply into the power module. We have gotten rid of the water-cooling aspect of the power supplies and the extreme weight of the supplies and radiators. We have a plug-in Smart Interface that regulates the current of the power supply and the logic control of the Digital Display Interface Pcb.
    With this new concept, we extended the life expectancy of the power modules for many years to come Zelich added. With the continuation of Co2 laser remanufacturing and RF modules, we have extended the life of Coherent K250 and Coherent K500 laser systems for a minimum of another 25 years.

    For further information please feel free to contact Photovac Laser Worldwide @ 614.875.3300 or Photovac RF Power 614.957.5817.

  • Rofin-Sinar Gone

    To Rofin-Sinar users:

    Over the past year, Coherent Lasers had to give up the Rofin-Sinar takeover due to antitrust issues ordered by the court.

    Photovac Laser Worldwide is continuing in its best effort to maintain and support the older Rofin-Sinar laser brands. Even the larger SCx60 brand we are repairing along with the SCX10, SCX20, and SCX30. While we will continue to support Rofin-Sian lasers, we do have limitations in our support for parts. Rofin-Sinar was a very hush, hush company when it came to providing their customers with documents relating to servicing the lasers.

    Photovac Laser Worldwide is always trying to improve the repair process. When customers do require service we request they provide as much documentation as possible. This would include, service manuals, schematics, users manuals, controllers and any other type of information helpful to other Rofin-Sinar users.

    When sending in your laser, please always provide the laser tube, RF exciter, power supply, cables, and controllers. In many cases, the lasers have been incorporated into other OEM pieces of equipment and some of the pieces we require may not be accessible.

    If any customers of the Rofin-Sinar brand would like to contact me directly please feel free to do so. I want to make sure that we report our information with accuracy and correct any misinformation that may be in question or misleading.

  • Coherent K150 K250 Performance Package Power Module Power Supply Update

    To all of our Coherent Laser users:

    Boy do I have great news. Coherent Performance Package power modules are used to run Coherent K-Series laser tubes. Just about everyone I know loves these lasers and never gets rid of them.
    At Photovac Laser RF Power we have a incipient update for the Coherent Laser module for years to come. Photovac RF power has upgraded the power module with new switching DC power supplies. The older power supplies are obsolete, parts are no longer available, and believe me we see lots of failure. I have had a dozen or so good older DC power supplies we were using as replacements in the power modules up to this time. However, I felt it prudent to find a solution to replace the old supplies with today’s newer switching DC supplies. We have designed a little interface and wiring harness that allows Photovac RF Power to remove the old supplies and exchange in the new ones. We have new mounting brackets for the power supplies. We have reduce the weight by 40 lbs. And guess what? the old power supplies were water cooled with a heat exchanger. No longer. We have removed the heat exchanging unit thus reducing weight again and removing other possible water leaks and repairs.

    Any questions, please call Chris Zelich 6149575817 or 6148753300 .

  • Lasers purchased from China are most likely junk, used and have abort repairs.

    To all our customers:

    I have had several individuals purchase lasers from China such as Synrad or Coherent. Everything we have looked at is either full of water, repairs were attempted and aborted. There are several cases where parts were missing and one case the laser tube was gone even though they said it was tested and working. I would highly recommend you stay far away from these lasers. One customer reported spending $5,500.00. The laser was absolutely junked and the company would not send back their money. Nothing you can do when your 7500 miles apart.

    I have had many customers ask if we would repair China glass tubes. I tell people no we will not. The glass laser is cheap and breaks under many conditions. The optics are absolutely cheap and the overall quality is disgraceful. I know some people have had good results, but many report just the opposite. Laser engravers are relatively cheap $3K to $7K. Most everyone China engraver uses a glass tube making the unit large and cumbersome. Always consider using American made engravers. Yes, I know there expensive, but you get a quality product with RF laser tube technology that last for many years unlike the cheap glass China laser tubes.

    PS: Photovac Laser supports American made products and we would never purchase any laser from China, period! Support American manufactures and keep our jobs here!

    Good Luck!

  • GCC Laser Pro Co2 tube Repair Service

    Many users from GCC Laser Pro call us about their laser tubes and the best way to have them serviced. Our technicians @ Photovac are ready assist you to remove, install, and align the laser back to your engraver system. Weather you have a Synrad laser tubes or Iradian laser tubes both are fully serviced @ Photovac Laser Worldwide. Photovac does not charge for this service like the manufactures do saving you hundreds $ if not a thousand $ dollars. We also have a unique way to test the laser tube to determine if your laser tube requires repair. Call us today 1.348.8823 or 614.875.3300