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  • Synrad 48-2 laser service

    Dear Lisa:

    ” I just wanted to thank you and let you know that our Synrad 48-2 laser tube arrived safely and without issues. I installed the laser tube and am very pleased with the results. No issues installing it, and it is performing flawlessly.”
    Pablo Tamayo
    Miami, Florida

  • Encore C02 Expert Laser Repair and Service

    Photovac Laser Worldwide continues as the foremost medical expert when it comes to medical Co2 laser tube and system repair. Encore laser systems are easily repaired with our in-house repair services. Photovac Laser Worldwide carries most parts including optics, power supplies, lenses, mirrors, and the most important G100M Medical Laser Tube. The G100M Medical Laser Tube is the heart of the system providing up to 125mj pulses and 60 watts of average power, When it comes to Radio Frequency laser tubes, Photovac Laser Worldwide is the only trusted source for your Co2 repair needs. Please pick up and call today to discuss your service needs. 614.875.3300 or 1.888.349.8823.

    Christopher Zelich, President

  • Synrad F201 Exchange Program

    Photovac Laser Worldwide has Synrad F201 for direct exchange. We will take your preexisting F201 and exchange it with a remanufactured F201 from Photovac Laser Worldwide. If your laser is intact, (virgin) and has not been tampered with by any third party, Photovac Laser will exchange it for $13,900.00. Photovac will offer you a full 6-month warranty repair or replacement depending upon the circumstances involved.

    For further information contact Lisa Finnell @ 614.875.3300 or 1.888.349.8823

  • Coherent(TM) J3 and J5 Laser Service

    To Coherent J3 & J5 Customers:

    Coherent(TM) J3 and J5 lasers have been in the field for several years, and the lasers are showing up at our door for service. The J-Series is a different laser and wholly redesigned, unlike the E400 laser. Like all sealed lasers, they break, and we have seen several of them over the past year. Photovac Laser is still in the process of gearing up to support the J3/J5 laser. Customers report Coherent won’t even fix it based on a part and charges $33,000 for an exchange unit. How can a laser that is barely 2-years old cost $33k to replace with a rebuilt laser head? Photovac Laser has identified one major defect in the laser cavity design that we can repair.

    Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your J-Series needs further. 1.888.349.8823 or 614.875.3300

  • Synrad Laser Non-Responsive to Customer Parts Support

    To all of our loyal customers:

    Photovac Laser makes every attempt to support you the customer with the best support we can offer. There are cases we depend upon the manufacture to support us with certain parts we must have to make your laser run at peak efficiency. Laser tubes are one of those necessities we require to continue the operational life of the laser. Synrad Laser makes it very hard for any customer to maintain their laser after a certain period of years. “Obsolences” is the word manufacturers use to sell you new lasers you don’t need or want. With some basic parts, the laser can be repaired at a fraction of the cost. But Synrad Laser wants you to purchase new and not repair the laser, or they want to tell you 20-weeks for a repair. But on the other hand, you can have a new laser in 3 weeks. This is a pure and simple strong-handed to sell you the new laser their ultimate goal.

  • Coherent Laser E400 Support. Full Support

    To all of our Coherent E400 Users:

    Coherent Laser (TM) has ended the end-of-life service for Coherent E400. Coherent, as far as we are told, will still give you an exchange laser head or RF for a little more time. This repair typically takes 6 to 8 weeks, not including shipping. Coherent charges typically $23,000 for the laser head and $20,000 for the RF exchange.

    Photovac Laser continues to support Coherent E400 with full remanufacturing capability. An East Coast company is trying to regas the laser for $7000.00. Whether you like it or not, they regas the laser and send it back. Their service regas lasts for a month or so before it goes wrong; sending the laser back to them and waiting months on end is not out of the question with this company. Your end results typically your laser is not fixed, bait and switched, and your out $7000 plus shipping.

    Photovac Laser is a full-service company. We have the parts to repair the laser cavity. There are leaks within the laser cavity in most cases, and Photovac can repair these leaks with new seals, unlike any other 3rd. Party fly-by-night organization. We have RF boards, delivery optics, and pelters for power sensors. No one has these parts except the manufacturer and Photovac Laser Worldwide.

    Please contact our sales team today and ask about our comprehensive services. 1.888.349.8823 or 614.875.3300

    Thank you.
    Christopher Zelich, President/CEO


    Each summer, we receive dozens of lasers, RF power supplies, and DC supplies that fail due to improper cooling. Condensation is one reason for laser and premature RF failure in the summer months.

    I’m addressing my concerns to our industrial users, not so much our engraver customers. When chillers are used, room temperature and humidity must be dealt with every day. The difference in air temperature, air movement, and humidity can severely damage laser tubes, electronics, and RF supplies.

    It doesn’t matter if your RF is built into the system or is external to the system. In many cases, room temperature and humidity are not controllable. Therefore your chiller will be set to a level that doesn’t allow condensation to occur.

    Users become comfortable and fail to monitor their equipment settings daily, especially in the summer months. This year we have seen a multitude of this type of failures. Here is a simple rule to follow to help solve some of these issues. Monitor your room temperature, humidity, and dew point. The monitoring device can be purchased almost anywhere for little expense.

    Set your chiller within 5 to 7 degrees (lower) of your ambient room temperature, plus humidity level. You can get a graph to help you determine “room ambient temperature + humidity” for an actual room temperature—for example, room temperature is 86 degrees, the humidity level is 55%, and the actual room temperature will be 89 degrees. In this case, your chiller would need to be set @ 84 degrees, not 72 degrees. With air movement at 72 degrees, condensation or “dew” will generate hot electrical components, cooling plates, cooling rings, brass fittings, hose lines, etc.

    Finally, make sure your cooling equipment is up to date with clean filters, deionized water, propylene glycol, or a combination of each. Consult your manufactures manual for proper cooling requirements.

    Thanks for listening

  • Ideal company to work with!

    “Chip has been incredible to work with, he helped us through all of the issues our laser was having, going above and beyond to ensure the laser was working better than when it was new. Chip, Lisa, and the rest of the team at PhotoVac Laser are always personable and happy to help, with quick turnaround times of the repairs / reprocessing, they are the ideal company to work with for any and all laser needs.
    Thank you for the support and guidance you’ve provided,


  • Rofin SC2D48 Series RF Supplies

    To all of our Rofin RF users;

    If you are experiencing RF issues with your SC2D48 or other Rofin series RF supplies please feel free to contact Photovac Laser Worldwide. Photovac specializes in most Rofin and Sinar laser and RF products. Our customers in South America, Brazil, and Mexico will work with you through the customs process to receive and ship your laser equipment. We have brokers and an excellent team in the logistics department. Just call us at 1.614.875.3300 or 1.888.349.8823.

  • Vytek Lasers Serviced

    Photovac Laser has serviced Vytek lasers for over 20 years. Vytek lasers come in power ranges from 35 watts to 250 watts. At Photovac Laser we also service the Vytek L-Star 450 watt lasers. Vytek uses Coherent G and E series 150-watt laser tubes. Photovac Laser has all-optical and electronic components for the Coherent G and E series lasers. If you own L-Star, L-Star 450, or GX Series laser cutters, Photovac Laser most likely services the laser tubes installed inside your system. Feel free to contact us today regarding your Vytek laser service needs. 614.875.3300.