Laser Recycle Center

Laser Recycle Center


Photovac Laser Worldwide is the USA’s first Recycle Center for old sealed laser tubes. all laser tubes contain materials that are

Hazardous to our landfills. Some of these materials include Beryllium Oxide and Alumina Oxide. We at Photovac Laser will

properly dispose of your old laser and the contents inside in an environmentally friendly way.


Please contact Photovac Laser to set up sending us your old defective sealed Laser Tube.

In some cases, Photovac Laser will pay for the shipment of your laser tube to our facility for proper disposal.


Ph: 1. 614.875.3300

1.888.FIX.TUBE -1.888.349.8823

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Thank you for paying attention to our environment and respect for our landfills.


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