Laser Tubes Repair and Regas

We service your CO2 Lasers in-house to get your business back up and running for a fraction of the cost of a replacement. We reprocess (regas), replace optics, electrodes, and seals. RF electronic repairs are another one of our specialties. We can even recondition the laser resonator in some cases.

All of our serviced tubes receive a one-year warranty for the reprocess or re-manufacture process 90 day for Electronics. Synrad 48-series and Synrad 57-series lasers receive our industry-leading 18-month warranty. Our service lineup also includes Synrads Firestar v-series™ and Synrad Firestar vi-series™.

Laser Regas Service. Photovac Laser Worldwide has been regassing carbon dioxide Co2 laser tubes for the past 39-years. Our regas service includes all manufacture’ types and brands of Radio Frequency (RF) Carbon Dioxide laser tubes. Regas service is one of the least expensive options to bring your Co2 laser back to life. Photovac’s regas service includes reprocess of the laser cavity and a highly concentrated fill of Co2 laser gas. Our proprietary formula blend is absolutely unique as it produces laser outputs up to 30% greater output power than most laser manufacturers’ lasers. Regas service also includes alignment of the laser cavity and mode sample of the laser beam profile. Approximately 60% of all laser cavities regassed without replacing the laser cavity optics or other essential components.

Remanufacture Service. Photovac Laser Worldwide has been remanufacturing glass and radio frequency (RF) laser tubes for the past 39-years. Remanufacturing laser tubes is a specialty of Photovac Laser, where others have failed repeatedly. We have the full capacity to dismantle the laser core and replace all the major components. Component replacement includes replacing cavity optics, RF water insulators and breaks, capacitance tuning boxes, vacuum seals, and electrodes. Our process provides vacuum leak checks and regas service to complete the service. Approximately 40% of all laser cavities require some remanufacture service.

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