Medical & Aesthetic Laser Tubes

We service your CO2 Medical or Aesthetic Lasers in-house to get your business back up and running
for a fraction of the cost of a manufacture replacement. We will regas or remanufacture your Co2 laser tube back to new like condition. Our repairs include electronics repairs, alignments and calibrations of most medical and aesthetic systems. Our technicians have over 37 years in the field of medical laser service and repairs. Why trust a nobody, or someone that has gone to a laser service program that has been taught on prehistoric lasers. We stand behind our work and quality 100% guaranteed.

Photovac also provides shipping cartons for your system safe travel to and from your office site.

Coherent Encore
Coherent encore
Coherent Venus
Coherent 5000C

Sharplan 30C
Sharplan 40C
Sharplan 1041
Sharplan 1055(s)

Sharplan 1080 (s)
Sharplan Derma K CL30 SSI LEI

PLC JM25· JM40 ·JM50· JM55· MD30· MD40· MD50· MD75·
Paragon 50 ·
Paragon 70

DEKA tubes
DEKA DOT SmartXide
Cynosure Affirm

Union Medical Systems South Korea

UL-M 25


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