Warranty/Terms and Conditions/Payments

Warranty and Product Handling Guidelines
Assessment Charge
Photovac Laser Corp. mandates an assessment fee ranging from $500.00 to $1,000.00 based on the size of the item for evaluating any received laser tubes, optical products, or Radio Frequency (RF) exciters. This fee encompasses the inspection, evaluation, and repair estimation. If the customer opts for repair, the evaluation fee is deducted from the final bill minus any pre-approved discounts. In case of no repair, the product is returned to the customer bearing the evaluation fee and any additional shipping and handling costs.
Renewal Guarantee
Newly re-gassed laser tubes undergo thorough disassembly and scrutiny. This includes checks on reflectors, waveguides, electrical connections, and mount conditions. Post-inspection, the tubes are cleaned, vacuum-tested, recharged, and aligned. The warranty extends for a 6-month period, covering recharging and labor. Gas failure within 6 months will be serviced under a prorated warranty; other failures are subject to an estimate and approval for repair.
Rebuilding Assurance
For remanufactured laser tubes, after a full system inspection and part replacements, the work is warranted. Parts failure or gas issues within 6 to 12 months are repaired on a prorated basis. Exclusions apply to electrical surges, cooling system failures, and natural calamities.
RF Components Guarantee
Repairs on RF circuit boards and power modules by Photovac are under warranty for 90 days to six months, depending on the service. The guarantee only applies to documented repairs, excluding subsequent unrelated failures.
Laser System Assurance
Reconditioned laser systems carry a 90-day warranty for electronic repairs and a 6 to 12-month regas prorated warranty for laser tubes. This covers Photovac-performed labor and parts but excludes manufacturing defects.
Laser System Purchases
Laser purchases come with a 90-day to 1-year warranty. All sales are final, with no refunds after 10-days, except for defective core return credit.
General Warranty Provision
Photovac ensures its products are defect-free and compliant at delivery for six months, with some products varying. Defective items under a valid RMA will be repaired or replaced. Misuse, mishandling, and incompatible system installation void the warranty.
Alignment Service
Periodic alignment of laser tubes may be necessary for optimal performance, adhering to power specifications provided upon installation.
Glass and Cooling Systems Assurance
Failure due to improper cooling or handling will not be honored under warranty coverage.
Quick Exchange Program Guarantee
The exchange program offers a prorated six month warranty for laser systems and a 90-day to six-month guarantee for RF exciters, contingent upon return of an identical system. Non-exchangeable items lead to full retail charge with an option to return exchanged items within ten days of notice.
Electrical/Electronic Warranty
Photovac guarantees all electrical or electronic repairs for 90-days, excluding damage from installation errors or external factors.
Storage Charge
Post-repair, 30-day free storage is provided. Thereafter, daily storage fees apply, calculated based on the repair cost.
Shipping Responsibilities
Customers are accountable for all shipping and handling fees for warranty and non-warranty items to Photovac Laser facilities. Photovac handles return shipping costs for returned repaired items under warranty.
Post-Repair Equipment Return
Completed repairs are shipped within 48 to 72 hours post-payment receipt, provided shipping arrangements are confirmed.
Non-Return Penalty
Non-returned warranty items incur charges at original prices plus interest.
Unclaimed Equipment Policy
Unretrieved equipment post one year is considered abandoned and becomes property of Photovac, potentially being sold or disposed of.
Third-Party Repair Policy
Equipment serviced by unaffiliated shops must be returned and inspected before further shipping to Photovac.
Warranty Requests
For warranty service, click HERE.
Payment Options:
1. Intuit Payment: Use the “Pay Now” link in your invoice for fee-free ACH Bank Transfers from US banks. Enables immediate shipping.
2. ACH Bank Transfer: Initiate via your bank. Contact us for details. No fees apply. Shipping occurs 48 hours after payment confirmation.
3. International Wire Transfer: Non-US customers can contact us for details. Transfer fees apply. Shipping follows a 48-hour payment confirmation period. Transfer fee of $50USD up to $5000USD. Transfer fee of $75USD over $5001.00USD.
4. Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express are accepted with a 4% fee.
5. Business Check: Accepted with a shipping delay until clearance.
6. Cash: For pickups at our office, providing instant receipt.
Updated 11/07/2023
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