Laser Rip-Off Report


Dear Chris:

“We are one of many that unfortunately sent a laser to Bell Laser to be repaired. Bell turned around and sent it to Evergreen Laser. BAD CHOICE!!! We sent the laser in February and didn’t receive it until December. When were received it “fixed” it was basically DOA. We returned it, Evergreen “fixed” it again. This time it was half strength.

Photovac stepped in and got us running. It is clear from talking with Chris and John that they are very knowledgeable about all kinds of CO2 lasers. Chris has also been very responsive to our needs for both communication as well as getting the laser repaired for real.

These people are good for their word – they say what they will do and do what they say. Thanks Chris and crew for all your hard work.”

Eric Snyder, Sharpline Converting Inc.

Wichita Kansas



Hello Chris,

I received a call today about someone who Bell Laser has failed to satisfy…

It reminded me that I needed to give you an update on our laser situation so you might be able to update your webpage.

So, after 6 months and many attempts of communications with Bell Laser via email, phone calls and voice messages we had given up on ever seeing our Synrad laser and RF unit again. I contacted Photovac Laser as their webpage spoke of others who were having problems to ask them to have those folks send their concerns to the BBB to hopefully prevent others from being hurt as we were. 6 months of not having your laser is plenty of time for your customer base to be forced to find another vendor so it felt like a lifetime.

On Oct. 9th I received a tip from Chris of Photovac laser as to where my laser might be. I followed up on that lead and got a response on Oct. 10th 2015. The individual said they would do some research and get back with me. Turns out they did not have the laser but said they would continue to check there sources and see if they could locate it. Eventually they said Bell Laser had it still and that they were going to send it to Evergreen. (I didn’t believe Bell Laser would follow through as they had made many promises to me over the months prior to completely cutting off all communications.) But, by Nov. 10 2016Evergreen was in possession of our equipment. I was amazed. Evergreen did some testing and said it needed to be charged. I contacted Synrad and asked them who they recommended I have work on the laser. They told me to have Photovac work on it as they were confident they would do a good job. So, in February I issued a call tag to Evergreen via UPS and the laser shipped to Photovac. (I asked Evergreen to delay shipping it until after the holiday rush as I didn’t want the packages handled rough as sometime happens during the holiday rush.) Evergreen packaged up the equipment and waited for the call tags and sent it on. They didn’t charge for the testing they did or whatever transit expense was required to get it from Bell Laser to Evergreen.

Photovac Laser recharged it and I had it back in Utah March of 2016. It has been working fine ever since. We are very happy.

When the laser arrived at our place there were some fitting missing that we had sent originally. I assume they were lost in all the handling that went on between the places it had been. I contacted Photovac to see if by chance the pieces were there but found out they were not. They gathered up the things I needed and sent them to me at no charge. It was a very nice ending to a pretty grueling experience.

Thank you Chris for the tip that lead to us having our laser back. It was nothing short of amazing that we were able to get it back.


Jack Brady

Modular One Displays

2110 S. Industrial Park Road

Richfield, Utah 84701


“Good morning Chris, Thanks for the call yesterday. I think I’m all set with your account application now, and just waiting to hear back from you with the return shipping form and a quick quote and $$ amount to include for the recharge of my Coherent C55L. Thanks much! Charles BTW, I read in one of your posts customers were looking for any information regarding Greg Rawley w/Bell… If it’s any help, just yesterday I received several emails from him at the following: Greg Rawley c/o Bell Laser LLC 113 Cherry St Seattle, WA 98104 800-385-6760 x 102” Posted by:


Dear Photovac Laser:
“Our laser is currently located in the US in Connecticut to be exact sorry for not mention that earlier. Evergreen Laser “tried” without much effort for what we can understand to fix the laser. It’s been there since February and after weeks of delays and having to fight to get contact with them they cannot perform the repair needed.”

Regards, Jose
Jos Rodriguez Migoya


One of our customers who would like to remain anonymous wanted our readers to know that Bell Laser also uses the website


Photovac Laser has verified that the website is that of Bell Laser.


Dear Photovac Laser:

“Our laser is currently located in the US in Connecticut to be exact sorry for not mention that earlier. Evergreen laser “tried” without much effort for what we can understand to fix the laser. It’s been there since February and after weeks of delays and having to fight to get contact with them they cannot perform the repair needed.”

Jos Rodriguez Migoya, Spain


Disclaimer: Photovac Laser has not independently verified the veracity of the claims stated herin and such statements are solely the opinion of the author and not those of Photovac Laser.

Photovac Laser Corporation Grove City, Ohio is actively tracking con artists in the CO2 laser field. We welcome all customers to participate in this forum, describing their experiences with companies and individuals that tarnish the laser service arena. We request your posts are detailed as possible. Names, dates, times, events, costs, delivery and any other information to track down companies and individuals. Our forum is not just limited to Co2. Any other ripoff from other laser companies are also welcome.
As always, please contact Photovac Laser @614.875.3300 or email us at
Company Responses: Photovac Laser invites companies to whom complaints are logged to respond here:
Mr. Brady would like to ask anyone having issue should contact and report their concerns to the Better Business Bureau of their state. They should also file a police report with local authorities.


Another report of Bell Laser ripping customers off. It was report to Photovac Laser that Bell Laser has stolen another Synrad Laser System. The customer writes the following :

“I too have had a poor experience with Bell Laser. I sent them my laser and RF unit for recharge last April and it still has not been fixed or returned. They made many excuses week after week until eventually they quite responding. Prior to sending the laser to them I contacted Synrad and asked if they knew anything about Bell Laser and they said they did not but for me to report how things turned out. I have let them know what has happened in hopes to prevent others from loss. I checked with the BBB and there were no complaints against them. I have since filed a complaint. I will others would do the same so others could prevent loss. Please encourage those you know who have been hurt to file a claim with the BBB.”

Jack Brady
Modular One Displays
2110 S. Industrial Park Road
Richfield, Utah 84701

Mr. Brady’s unit has been gone for 1 year and 6 months. Bell Laser and their colleges we only can assume are offering “low” prices to con individuals to get their equipment sent to them. If you locate your equipment sent to Bell Laser and then forwarded to another service organization, please send us this information also. We will be happy to publish it!

Please contact Mr. Brady @ 435-896-4052 to work with Jack to get this guy stopped and others like him.

Synrad Lasers, Mukilteo, WA has ONLY authorized Photovac Laser to service Synrad’s older products. Always contact Synrad for their recommendations on approved service provider!

Photovac Laser has also had reports of other companies doing the same thing. Photovac Laser will be offering a new website page called. LASER RIP-OFF REPORT. Customers will be able to more actively participate and address their concerns about rip-offs they experienced…


Bell Laser and Gregory Rawley are really taking it to laser customers that are unaware of his continued rip-offs. Newly reported theft of $18,000.00 from Yogev Busi, Operation 32 Designs by Yogev, Florida. Mr. Busi was taken for $18,000.00 by Gregory Rawley and Daniel Kranis. Yogev sent Rawley $9000.00 for a laser cutting machine. He then sent an additional payment of $9000.00 to have the unit shipped. Guess what? You got it, it was never shipped and his money is gone.

Mr. Busi has also been scammed by a company formerly called Hurricane Laser, now operating as Laser Depot USA. Mr. Busi report they too took him for $7,000.00.

Mr. Busi is trying to contact others that have been scammed by Rawley and Kranis. If you have any further information, please contact him @ 954.428.9797. Mr. Busi has reported this scam to local law enforcement and the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Gregory Rawley is conducting his dirty work in the US and overseas.

If any one else has information about Mr. Rawley or Dan Kranis please contact Photovac Laser and we’ll post your comments. We have also provided you with a link to Mr. Rawley’s picture wanted for child support and unpaid taxes. Last reported address is 1923 Susquehanna Road, Abington, PA 19001

Location Information of Greg Rowley

Greg Rowley Picture


*”I’ve got your e-mail address from Mr David Pap (Hungary). He informed me that you are planning to help the victims and launch a lawsuit against Bell Laser.

I also found on your website some reports from Keystone International Co., Ltd. and their problem with company Bell lasers LLC.

We were duped by Greg Rawley, as well as we do.

Mr Greg Rawley has our 2 laser sets for repairing and 10 240,08€. Communication with him is very difficult, almost impossible. He was responding us by e-mail but very rarely. He constantly excuses and promises sending our lasers back, but is doing nothing.

Is there a chance to help us, do you have any experience with that fraud person? Or if you know about anything what could help us,pls kindly let us know. We lost lot of money and time.”

Zuzana Hankova, Hungary*


It has been reported to Photovac Laser, Keystone International has recovered their laser RF exciter after one year. Hideki Kobayashi told us they are testing the exciter to see if it has been indeed repaired. We will updates our post with his final results.

“I never forget you and Mr. Minhaj‘s kind support and cooperation”

Best regards,
Hideki Kobayashi
Keystone International Co., Ltd.


It has been reported to Photovac Laser by Marvin Sherrif, National Laser Imaging, Angel Fire, NM Mr. Sherrif reports Evergreen Laser had his system for 3-months, unable to repair the system and sent it back. The laser system was previously held by Bell Laser for an additional 9-months. If you are experiencing a problem like Mr. Sherrif, please contact Photovac Laser @ 614.875.3300. We will be happy to report your problems.

Christopher Zelich, President CEO

07/22/2015 Botched Service Repair

Photovac Laser has received another complete laser system which service was botched by Bell Laser. Customer reports Bell kept their laser system for 9-months. They finally got the system back unrepaired including further damaged components. The customer reportedly lost their repair money and shipping expenses. This customer also reported they sent the system to another company in Durham, CT 06422. This company kept it for an additional 90 days without repair. MARVIN SHERIFF – NATIONAL LASER IMAGING, NEW MEXICO

Photovac “never” will ask for full payments upfront. Never ship your laser or systems to a company that requests you send a full payment “after” they receive your laser. Make sure you find the “exact” location of the repair facility. Not some little house in the middle of nowhere. Make sure your laser isn’t being shipped to some overseas coountry, almost guaranteeing you’ll never see it come back. Check the Better Business Bureau and internet resources on the company reputation and foremost ask for references from past customers if they don’t check out!

Mr. Kazumi Ohno & Hideki Kobayashi of Keystone International Co.,Ltd. continue to request equipment belonging to Keystone be returned immediately from Bell Laser.

Quote “ASAP” 8th.July.2015

“Dear Mr .Christopher G.,Zelich , Minhaj, / Photovac Laser Corporation Inc.
I wish that you are going to the Bell Laser LLC
Name: Mr.Dan Kranis
Address: 1615 Crowder Ave.Reading,PA 19607 USA

And take back the my power supply.( Model; D1000 L S/N;D 1627)
The power supply is mine.(It paid to Bell already)
I would like to your Photovac Laser corp for repair.”

Best regards,

Mr. Kazumi Ohno / Hideki Kobayashi
Keystone International Co.,Ltd.
Keystone has requested Photovac Laser find a Law Attorney to assist Keystone to have their equipment and funds returned. If other Bell Laser customers want to join in a suit over equipment and funds not being returned, they should contact Christopher Zelich, President 614.875.3300.,PA+19607+USA&layer=c&z=17&iwloc=A&sll=40.305798,-75.950537&cbp=13,266.9,0.0,0,0&panoid=wxfxc5jhHObyffebFrXsjw&sa=X&ei=kHeeVd2fEoP_-AHvobKQBQ&ved=0CB8QxB0wAA

( Copy and Paste link into your browser to see Dan Kranis location )



Photovac Laser has just received this email update from our customer that Bell Laser took their D1000L exciter and cash payment. They reported the following email to us below:

“My boss went to the office of Bell Laser (Seattle, WA) today,
But he found only the mailbox at their address.
No office exist there.
We gave up to repair of the D1000 by Bell Laser.
I sent an email to Mr. Dan Kranis of Bell Laser (Pennsylvania) to ready for the shipment.
Would you give us your help for repair?
Could you arrange the UPS to pick it up?
Although if they sent it China, I think repair will be difficult.”

Thank you.

Hideki Kobayashi
Keystone International Co., Ltd.


Photovac Laser Corp. Grove City, Ohio has received multiple reports for service fraud by Bell Laser, Seattle Washington. Bell Laser also is sending equipment to Reading PA to a small residential address. These reports are numerous including CNZ Zone, and Sawmill Creek. Photovac has been informed of two specific cases. The first of an India company sent their Coherent K500 and $5000.00 cash for the initial repair. The customer hasn’t seen or heard from Bell Laser for months. Customers report they are talking with a Greg Rawley. He entices customers to send their laser equipment and never returns it. Customers report that they call and email without any response from Bell Laser or Greg Rawley. A current customer sent their Synrad 60-1 in for repairs months ago. Mr. Jack Brady, Modular 1 Display has relentlessly tried to get his unrepaired laser back from Bell Laser. Bell Laser has not responded.

If anyone knows of other business that are experiencing this rip off, please contact Photovac Laser.



Please read the following from another customer Rip-Off from Bell Laser

One year back this company Keystone International had sent the RF to Bell Laser LLC in Massachusetts to Mr. Greg Rawley and have also sent him $ 2,000 for repair.

This week his boss is coming to USA to meet Greg Rawley and take back his RF and $ 2000 (I hope he can get his laser and $ 2000)

I told Keystone Japan, that we will not request Bell Laser to ship the RF to us, we want their boss to take the RF to his hotel, and then we will arrange for a pick-up by DHL from the hotel of his boss in Massachusetts, USA.

This RF actually belongs to one of Keystone’s customer in Japan, and now the customer is pressing very had to get back his RF. There is no response from Bell Laser that is why their boss is coming to USA.

Disclaimer: Photovac Laser has not independently verified the veracity of the claims stated herin and such statements are solely the opinion of the author and not those of Photovac Laser.

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