Coherent G100 G100M G100M Laser System and E150 Industrial

Important Announcement for Coherent Laser Tube Users
If you are currently using Coherent Incorporated laser tubes, including the industrial Coherent G100 and Coherent E150, or the medical Coherent G100M (Laser System), for your medical encore laser system and have been informed that the manufacturer no longer services these models, we have a vital update for you.
Photovac Laser Corporation, the leading third-party specialist in industrial and medical laser tube remanufacturing, is fully equipped and committed to supporting all Coherent laser model tubes. Our extensive expertise and dedicated service extend the life of your laser investment, ensuring operational efficiency and reliability for years to come.
KERN Laser Systems, utilizes Coherent E150 Co2 laser tube in their lower powered cutting systems. KERN now offers their own proprietary laser tube as a replacement to the Coherent E150. Why spend $25,000, plus further power supply and mounting updates, when you can buy a newly remanufactured laser tube for 2/3rds less the cost from Photovac Laser. WHY? When you buy a KERN laser tube, you cannot reliably upkeep the laser when it malfunctions prematurely. There is no software access to you, the customer, to perform routine maintenance to the laser cavity, RF control circuitry, and optical shaping delivery system. Your ONLY option is to accept an exchange for $21,000.00, and you must return the old core for this option. WHY?
Vytek Laser Systems uses Coherent E150 in its laser cutting tables. Photovac is its supplier for repairs to the Coherent E150 laser tubes.
Comprehensive Support & Maintenance
Photovac Laser prides itself on a vast inventory, including all necessary components like optics, electronics, electrodes, and seals. We utilize proprietary regassing procedures. These resources enable us to offer unparalleled repair and maintenance services, guaranteeing your laser tubes’ performance for the next fifteen years.
Our Technical Prowess
Our capabilities are not limited to mere part replacements. Photovac Laser possesses in-depth technical knowledge and hands-on experience with every Coherent carbon dioxide laser tube model. This includes, but is not limited to:
Precision Calibration: Ensuring your laser operates at its optimal performance level.
Electronics and Optics Expertise: From intricate electronic repairs to precision optics alignments, our technicians handle every detail with utmost care.
Custom Regassing Procedures: Our proprietary regassing techniques restore your laser’s power and efficiency, significantly prolonging its life. Our optical and boiling laser mixture typically provides 15% more power than Coherent’s original installed laser tube.
Emergency Exchange Service: Understanding the critical nature of your operations, Photovac Laser maintains a stock of lasers for immediate exchange to minimize downtime for our customers.
Why Choose Photovac Laser Corporation?
Four Decades of Specialized Experience: Focusing on Coherent laser tubes, we’ve honed our skills to provide solutions that the original manufacturer no longer offers. Photovac Laser has been remanufacturing Coherent laser tubes for over thirty of our forty years in business.
Why trust someone else? Photovac Laser is truly the only one outside of the OEM with the technical expertise for Coherent Co2 lasers. Others say they do it, but it is only a lie. How do you trust a person thinking they can regas a laser when Photovac Laser has had all the tools and knowledge necessary for repairs for 40 years?
Ready Inventory for Quick Turnarounds: Our extensive stock of parts and complete laser systems ensure swift service and repair, reducing operational interruptions.
Commitment to Quality and Reliability: Our services are designed to extend the lifespan of your lasers and ensure they continue to deliver the precision and reliability you expect.
Reach Out for Support
Do not let service discontinuation slow you down. Photovac Laser Corporation supports your Coherent laser tubes with expert care, comprehensive services, and a commitment to your operational success. Contact us today to learn how we can help you maintain your laser systems for years to come.
This message emphasizes Photovac Laser Corporation’s commitment to quality, its extensive inventory for quick services, and its capability to handle any Coherent CO2 laser tube. It reassures customers of a reliable service alternative to the original manufacturer.

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