Coherent Laser Repair

Coherent Co2 Lasers:

At Photovac Laser Worldwide, we take immense pride in being the go-to authority for all your Coherent CO2 laser needs. With an illustrious legacy dating back to 1966, Coherent has cemented its reputation as the industry leader in CO2 laser technology. Leveraging our profound expertise, we’ve been servicing Coherent brand CO2 lasers since 1982, establishing ourselves as pioneers in the field.

Our specialized focus lies in Coherent CO2 RF type lasers, ranging from 25-watts to 500-watts, including the older DC020 and DC025 industrial models. Whether it’s Coherent’s renowned GEM series, G-series, C-Series, E150-Series, E400-Series, or J3, J4, and J5-Series lasers, we possess unparalleled proficiency in servicing them all.

Over the years, Coherent’s laser technology has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving from simple gas flowing systems to the highly intricate slab CO2 lasers employed in today’s industrial landscape. At Photovac Laser Worldwide, we excel in repairing these advanced slab CO2 lasers, making us pioneers in the repair and maintenance arena.

One of the critical aspects of our repair services is addressing insulators or RF breaks, essential components that isolate high voltage from the laser’s cavity ground and water-cooling system. Photovac provides seamless replacements, including C-seals, ensuring hermetic sealing of laser cavities. Additionally, we offer vital components for electrical systems, such as electrodes and matching impedance circuitry, catering to most brands. These electrodes, integral to laser functionality, are prone to shorting out after prolonged usage. Rest assured, we have you covered.

Moreover, our expertise extends to delivery components, enabling us to shape the rectangular slab laser beam and optimize beam bending optics. When it comes to features, Photovac Laser Worldwide stands ready to complete your repairs promptly and efficiently, ensuring your Coherent CO2 laser operates at peak performance levels.

Experience unmatched excellence in CO2 laser repair – choose Photovac Laser Worldwide, where expertise meets innovation, and your satisfaction is our priority.

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