Coherent Laser Repair

Coherent Co2 Lasers:

Coherent’s Laser brand is the Co2 laser industry leader. Coherent was founded in 1966 and is known worldwide for its multiple laser products. With continued advancements of the Coherent Co2 laser, Photovac Laser Worldwide has serviced most Coherent brand Co2 laser since 1982. Photovac specializes in every Coherent Co2 RF type laser from 25-watts to 500-watts. We also have specialized in the older DC020 and DC025 industrial models. Coherent’s GEM series, G-series, C-Series, E150-Series, E400-Series, J3, J4, and J5-Series lasers are just some of the lasers we service. Coherent laser technology has changed from simple gas flowing systems to the extraordinarily complex slab Co2 laser used today in the industrial field. Slab co2 laser technology from Coherent is repairable and is the Specialty of Photovac Laser RF division. Insulators or RF breaks are components that isolate the high voltage from the laser’s cavity ground and water-cooling system. Photovac has this crucial component as a replacement, including C-seals to seal the laser cavities hermetically. We also have critical components for the electrical systems. Electrodes are essential and short out over many hours of usage. Photovac carries electrodes and matching impedance circuitry for most brands. Photovac also has delivery components that shape the rectangular slab laser beam and beam bending optics. When it comes to features, Photovac Laser Worldwide is prepared to complete your repairs promptly.

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