PULT Universal Laser Tube and Power Supply Tester

Photovac Laser Worldwide offers the very first in Co2 laser tube and power supply testing in one device. The PULT tester can test many types of CO2 laser tubes installed in the laser engraver system. Most laser manufacturers, including Trotec Laser, Epilog Laser, Universal Laser, using Coherent brand laser tubes, including C-Series, GEM-Series, G-series laser tubes, K-series, E-series, J-series may use our universal PULT laser tester. Synrad laser tubes and Universal laser tubes may also be used with our PULT tester. Even the newest Iradion Laser tubes can best be tested, aligned, and ran from low to full power with just a press of the button. Please Note the PULT Is NOT a Measuring Device for Power

Photovac Laser has a proprietary method to test almost any Radio Frequency (RF) laser tube within the Co2 laser engraver market. This only gets better! You may also test your industrial laser tubes up to 1000 watts. Just think a tester with a simple cable change can run almost any commercial or industrial engraver laser tube or industrial RF laser supply.
By simply attaching the appropriate cable to our PULT tester, you can align your laser tube through your engraver or industrial system. Wait! You can also test the laser @60% duty cycle, the maximum duty cycle for Coherent laser tubes. Our tester in the alignment mode runs the laser tube power output at approximately 5%-6% duty cycle aligning the laser beam through the optical beam delivery system. By accessing our alignment drawer, you can place targets in front of the optics. A simple depression of the ON button will burn the thermal paper and display where the Co2 laser beam is striking your optics. With each depression of the button, you can quickly align your regassed or remanufactured laser tube back to its original aligned condition within minutes.

Just think, no more interlocks to stop your alignment or power tests. Oh, by the way, our tester also tests your DC power supply voltage and current. That’s right, by setting our tester to a 99% duty cycle, you make sure your laser power supply is outputting its full current capability. Using your DC clamp meter or DVM (digital voltmeter) (not provided), you can read amperage or voltage from the power supply. Each laser tube manufacture has amperage and voltage specifications for their electronics. Consult your owner’s manual or call Photovac Laser Worldwide. We’ll be happy to work with you to test the power supply, RF electronics, and laser tube.
No more alignment service platforms, no more guessing how to align the laser in complicated software settings. One simple press of the PULT tester will solve all your problems.


Pult Tester

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If there are any questions about the use and operation of the PULT tester, Photovac Laser Worldwide should be contacted. We may be reached at Sales@Photovaclaser.com or by phone 614.875.3300. Our technicians are here to assist you from 9AM to 5:30PM Monday through Friday.
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