Threat Letter Sent to Photovac Laser

Threat Letter Sent to Photovac Laser

Notice of intent to begin legal proceedings has been sent to Photovac Laser from Martocchio & Olivereira, LLC, Southington, Connecticut on behalf of Evergreen Laser Corporation, Durham, CT.

Photovac Laser has been threatened with legal proceedings due to published reports about Bell Laser. Photovac Laser Corporation has removed certain words pertaining to this issue published in earlier reports. After clarification by Evergreen Laser, a letter was sent to Photovac Laser that has been displayed for customer viewing… Additional Information may be found in the LASER RIP-OFF REPORT


Photovac Laser Corporation Inc, publishes information sent directly to Photovac Laser Corporation through phone and email confirmation. All business names, principles and phone #’s are published from customers reporting their concerns.

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