PULT Information

** Please Note the PULT Is NOT a Measuring Device for Power ** 

So how does the PULT tester work? By simply removing the back cover of your laser engraver you will access your RF Co2 laser tube. Unplug the logic connector from the laser tube. Attach the PULT tester to the logic connector. Turn on the power to your laser engraver and press the button. That’s it.

The PULT tester has 3-functions to choose from. First is alignment mode. Set the tester to setting #1. Get out your alignment paper provided in our Alignment Drawer located on the back of the tester. Open your top cover on your engraver. Don’t worry about the interlocks there now not necessary. Our tester is only running your laser tube with the use of your power supply that is attached to the laser tube. Turn on your laser engraver power switch and align away. Setting #2 offers you in most cases full power tests. Coherent brand laser tube runs @ 60% duty cycle the maximum drive for the laser tube and RF electronics. By placing your power measurement equipment in front of the laser beam you now can measure the full power from your laser tube. Setting #3 offers you 99% duty cycle for most Synrad Universal and other brand laser tubes. If your laser tube requires a higher duty cycle to run at full power, you now have it at the press of a button.

There are several identifiable features on the PULT tester you should familiarize yourself with. First you must have the proper test cable for the laser tube you are testing. You should have purchased it when you ordered the tester. If you didn’t, email us at sales@Photovaclaser.com and order the appropriate test cable. Attaching the cable to the front of the tester is directional and keyed. Simply attach the cable to the 15-pin connector. Your PULT tester has a self-contained power source that can be charged with the provide mini-usb charging port. When charging there is red light that will change to green once fully charged. Each charge can last up to 8-hours of continued use. Charging should only be completed once the blue led on the push on button no longer lights. The large blue led push button is used to fire the PULT tester. The push button is in the middle of the tester. With each depression of the fire button the laser will fire until the button is released. ((WARNING) safety glass should always be worn when using the PULT tester)). ((WARNING) possible skin burns may occur when pressing the PULT tester button. Extreme caution should be used during operation)). Just in front of the large fire button you will notice a small visible light tube. The light tube provides 3-levels of intensity when using the PULT tester. There is a switch located to the left side of the tester. Set it to setting #1. Setting #1 is the align mode and produces approximately 7% duty cycle when set. By depressing the fire button, you will notice a dimly lite light tube. The light tube is also blue in color. By switching to setting #2, 60% duty cycle the lite tube will become noticeably brighter. By switching to setting #3, 95% duty cycle the light tube will be at its most intense output. Upon each depression the laser fire button the lite tube will also light. Upon releasing the fire button, the light tube will cease to light.

Testing Industrial laser tubes are just as easy as testing commercial laser engraver units. Industrial laser tubes typically have an independent RF power unit. For example, Coherent K-series lasers us an independent RF unit known as Coherent D64/D84 RF exciter. By simply removing the 25-pin logic connector from the RF unit, you attach the PULT tester with appropriate cable. ((WARNING) industrial laser outputs may exceed 500-watts of output power and can cause severe burning and eye damage. Safety glass should always be worn when using the PULT tester)). The same principles apply for testing the RF generator and laser tube as does for smaller commercial laser engravers.

If there are any questions about the use and operation of the PULT tester, Photovac Laser Worldwide should be contacted. We may be reached at Request more informationor by phone 614.875.3300. Our technicians are here to assist you from 9AM to 5:30PM Monday through Friday.

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