Synrad Repair

Synrad Co2 Lasers:

Since its start in 1984, Synrad has delivered more CO2 lasers to the industry than any other manufacturer. Founded by Peter Laakmann, who pioneered the RF-excited CO2 laser, Synrad recognized as a leader in developing sealed CO2 lasers and electronics technologies. Photovac Laser specializes in almost every brand Synrad has produced. Photovac’s recent acquisition of the Synrad Evolution laser line, Photovac is the only authorized service company of the Evolution Laser brand line. Synrad produces folded waveguided lasers that use optics for beam production and delivery. Photovac carries every optical component for the complete line of Synrad lasers, including FST-Series, T-Series, i.e., T100, T200, F400, TI-Series, 48-series, and of course Classic Series lasers. Photovac has every component for Synrad’s RF Generators, including 57-1, 57-2, and RF 3000 series RF exciters. Electronics are a specialty with Photovac and Synrad laser electronics. With continued support from Synrad, Photovac maintains a massive technical library to solve those problematic electronic issues.

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