Radio Frequency (RF) Exciter Repair

At Photovac Laser, RF Power, exciters that power your Coherent and Synrad laser tubes at expertly serviced. We have an extremely good track record of repairing radio exciters. Photovac can repair both air and water cooled units. We have most every electronic component along with “new” circuits if required. Here are just some of the RF units that we repair. Before you act, always check your internet search for Photovac’s service reputation. We stand behind our workmanship 100% and offer warranty coverage. Always check our Laser Rip-Off Report for unscrupulous companies and fraudulent repairs.


Coherent D1000L RF

D600A Cropped Fan Side D600A Cropped

Coherent D600A RF
Coherent Gem and C-series RF control circuit boards

57-1 rf and cables

Rofin-Sinar RF1K-85, PN# 003-0070-00
Rofin-Sinar RFA-50, PN# 003-0005-00
Rofin-Sinar RF1K-50, PN#

Synrad 57-1 RF
Synrad RF 60
Synrad RF 3000
Synrad RF 600
Synrad RF 1000
Synrad T100
Synrad T80
FST and FSTi series RF boards ( on board RF)
V-series and FSV series RF boards ( on board RF)

Cropped 8 Way FET Exciter DSC04195

Coherent K500 8-Way FET RF Exciter
PN# 0169-153-50

K500 RF

Coherent K500 RF Cables PN# 0170-248-10

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