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  • Beam Dynamics Updated: 10/03/2014

    Beam_Dynamic_LMC 5000 Coherent Incorporated, Santa Clara, California has officially announced the service and support discontinuation of the Beam Dynamics LMC 5000 laser cutter. Coherent’s customers are receiving letters this month in the effort to address the service discontinuation by years end.

    “Photovac Laser is well positioned to continue service on the LMC series”, says Photovac Laser President and CEO Christopher Zelich. ” We continue to service both the RF amplifiers and K150, K250 and K500 laser tube OEM packages for the foreseeable future, says Zelich. We also have former Beam Dynamics service representatives to help you in your continued use with on-site service. Photovac Laser will  support software or other spare parts for the LMC series at this time. Technicians are available around the United States.

    If Beam Dynamics customers decide to stop using the LMC series cutter, Photovac will purchase your defective LMC unit, defective laser tube and exciter for spare parts. “We have customers that want to continue using their systems, and we need machine spare parts, laser tubes and RF exciters to make that happen” Zelich also said.



  • Considering Purchasing a New Laser ?

    …Customers ask me all the time what laser should I buy for my application. My suggestions are to do an in depth comparative between each manufactures model before your purchase. Not only considering cost, power output, pulsing characteristics, peak energy delivery, beam propagation, but also accessories like power supplies and chillers. These can quickly add up to $1000’s of additional dollars. Manufactures must keep selling lasers to keep the doors open. Always request ( demand ) you also receive a “complete” service manual. Make sure it has Schematics of Electronic Boards, Drawings and parts lists. Companies like Coherent Lasers Inc. have multiple layers of service software to access troubleshooting and failure codes. Always make sure these items are in “writing” and part of any purchase order. If they don’t provide it, go elsewhere! Other laser companies may not offer such materials either, If they don’t, keep looking around for a manufacture that will. Your dollars have great leverage and strength in this market place. Consider working with a associate or other company when you can negotiate for better pricing on multiple laser purchases… Manufactures must comply with FDA regulations as part of their 1040.10 CERTIFICATION….

    Photovac Laser has performed comparative pricing for customers for years. For a small fee we can assist you in the best way to get the most out of your laser purchase. Just call for details @ 614.875.3300. Sincerely, Christopher Zelich, President CEO

  • Veterinary Laser for under $11,500.00 Plus Shipping

    If you are a vet in need of a solid state reliable Co2 laser look no further. Photovac offers both a 25 watt and 30 watt lCo2 Laser. Sealed glass technology gives you hundreds of hours of use for a small price. As a medical laser service provider of 33 years, we also offer a full one-year warranty coverage for your purchase @ Photovac Laser facilities if required. Our prices include shipping anywhere in the USA. Please call us today to place your order 1.888.349.8823. or see our dedicated web page for further information.

  • Coherent K150 K200 K250 K300 and K500 Laser Tubes

    With our continued support of Coherent K-series laser tubes Photovac Laser is the only source for your repair. There is a 3rd. party service organization on the East coast that is attempting to learn and butchering customers Coherent Laser tubes. Make sure you always check your references prior to sending out your laser tubes. Coherent Laser Inc. representatives are recommending their older customers to Photovac Laser. Ask your Coherent Representative about our credentials and the other guys. Photovac Laser has a complete line of spare parts for the Coherent K-series product line. Call us @ 614.875.3300
    Regards, Christopher Zelich, President

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