Considering Purchasing a New Laser ?

…Customers ask me all the time what laser should I buy for my application. My suggestions are to do an in depth comparative between each manufactures model before your purchase. Not only considering cost, power output, pulsing characteristics, peak energy delivery, beam propagation, but also accessories like power supplies and chillers. These can quickly add up to $1000’s of additional dollars. Manufactures must keep selling lasers to keep the doors open. Always request ( demand ) you also receive a “complete” service manual. Make sure it has Schematics of Electronic Boards, Drawings and parts lists. Companies like Coherent Lasers Inc. have multiple layers of service software to access troubleshooting and failure codes. Always make sure these items are in “writing” and part of any purchase order. If they don’t provide it, go elsewhere! Other laser companies may not offer such materials either, If they don’t, keep looking around for a manufacture that will. Your dollars have great leverage and strength in this market place. Consider working with a associate or other company when you can negotiate for better pricing on multiple laser purchases… Manufactures must comply with FDA regulations as part of their 1040.10 CERTIFICATION….

Photovac Laser has performed comparative pricing for customers for years. For a small fee we can assist you in the best way to get the most out of your laser purchase. Just call for details @ 614.875.3300. Sincerely, Christopher Zelich, President CEO