3rd. Party Aborted Repair fee’s increase!

To all our new customers:

Many new customers are trying to save money by going to 3rd. Parties to save money on laser tube regas or radio frequency supply repairs. Photovac Laser is highly recognized in the field of laser tube remanufacturing and radio frequency repairs for all brands of Co2 laser manufacturers. When it comes to repairing other 3rd. Party laser issues, Photovac Laser, is put into a challenging position to correct their problems. If we receive equipment from Evergreen Laser or Bell Laser with aborted repairs, Photovac Laser will charge an aborted repair fee of $1000.00 per occurrence. Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions @ 614.875.3300 or 1.888.349.8823

Christopher Zelich, President

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