Coherent D600L, D600, D1000 and D1000L RF Exciters.

From the President:

Once again I would like our laser public know you do have a place to come for your Coherent, Coherent/DEOS RF exciter repairs. I have spoken with many people being told they must buy new lasers because their RF exciters are not repairable. THIS IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE. Photovac RF Power has all components, power modules, and PC Boards for COMPLETE and comprehensive repair for the Coherent D-Series exciters. The D-Series exciters run Coherent GEM 100, GEM 120 and GEM Series laser tubes. Always call Photovac Laser if you have any questions regarding what type of laser system you have installed in your laser engraver, Euro Laser, Kern or other industrial laser cutting table. We’ll be happy to help you!


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