Customers Requesting Coherent E400 Service Demand Strong

From The President:

This past year has been absolutely amazing with major growth in our overseas operations, industrial laser tubes and RF power division. With the continued use of Co2 lasers in the industrial field, Coherent’s E400 series is in high demand. With high demand always comes the eventual breakdown of the laser tube and/or RF components. Photovac Laser is well posistioned to support the repair of Coherent E400 series laser system. Coherent’s E400 is a beast due to it’s weight and power requirements. Photovac Laser has the capacity to service the laser from reprocessing to re manufacturing. Our comprehensive service also includes the RF segments of the Coherent E400 laser system.
Photovac Laser is a worldwide pioneer and leader in the field of industrial, medical and RF laser power systems. Our service for the Coherent E400 while comprehensive does not include any type of exchange program. The manufacture requires a minimum of $25,000.00 to either repair the laser or exchange. Photovac Laser prides it self on it ability to support this laser system, while maintaining a major cost savings to our customers.
Please feel free to contact us today for your service needs for the Coherent E400 series laser systems by Coherent Laser.

Christopher Zelich, President/CEO, Inc.
Photovac Laser Corporation
Photovac Laser Worlwide


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