Iradion Laser Tube Refill Service.

Photovac Laser customers are always inquiring about Iradion Laser tube regas service. Please contact our offices and our representatives will be ready to help you with any questions regarding Iradion laser regas services. The all ceramic laser is special and requires gas and procedures to make it perform like manufactures specifications. Companies testing gas mixtures on your laser and “trying” to figure it out are just frankly fraudulent. Photovac Laser has been repairing and remanufacturing Co2 lasers since 1994. Photovac Laser is the pioneer for 3rd party Co2 laser repair services in the industrial, commercial and medical field of Co2 lasers. Why would you go to someone that you don’t know and is “experimenting” with your laser? We have had dozens and dozens of customers that have said their laser was destroyed by companies that tried to regas their unit. Please see our laser rip-off report. The Laser-Rip Off report is written in the customers own words and published by Photovac Laser under our 1st. amendment rights. !

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