Is price worth the cost of shoddy repairs !

I continue to have report after report of shoddy repairs from a company out East. When a company is offering you $850 re gasses and then charges you $4000 for the repair there is something very wrong. Our customers report this company doesn’t return the laser for months and months or doesn’t return it at all. I’m also receiving reports that the promised warranty is not kept. After regassing, customers report the laser fails in a month or two and is sent back for further repairs. Months can go by before you get a response or they say there is something else wrong with the laser costing thousands of dollars extra. Please make sure you are working with a reputable 3rd. party provider. Check your Better Business Bureau reporting on the company. Check with co-workers and other business that have used their service.

We at Photovac Laser promise you a straight forward answer on your repairs. Are we perfect no, but our customers posts do provide you with accurate information. We stand by our word. This is why Photovac Laser is the world recognized provided of carbon dioxide laser repairs.

If you would like to provide a post on our LASER REPORT REPORT site, please feel free to contact me. You may send us your email with your experience. We do post the customers business name and post the exact words written by our customers.

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