Laser regas con job – Beware who you work with!

I have written about this subject frequently about the few companies offering a regas service for your Co2 laser engraver. My first tip is to check with the Better Business Bureau in the company’s state. One company says their business is in one state, and you send it to someone else’s business and a different state. Gee, there’s a problem. And this company has kept customers’ laser and paid funds many, many times. Call, and I’ll tell you who they are. Check references, and don’t be conned when they offer cheap regas and then slap you with a $7,000 repair bill. For some years, this cheap regas con has been going on to sucker you in, and then do the old “bait and switch” is played. We have had dozens of lasers sent to us from manufacture representatives parted and pieced together. These so-called “regas” houses take good customer parts and use them to fix other customers’ lasers. I have heard this story repeatedly and have experienced the actual results many, many times. Always make sure you write down the serial # of the laser and take pictures of it. Always record the issue with the laser for your records and ours. I have had lasers sent to Photovac that were switched with other customers’ lasers to make up for these unscrupulous companies’ repairs. I’m not asking you to use Photovac Laser; I’m just asking you to do your research first and then make a well-informed business decision. Photovac Laser Worldwide has hundreds of testimonials from our customers, both past and present. We welcome you to check us out and realize Photovac does provide the best laser remanufactured laser service in the USA and worldwide. Call us today at 614.875.3300 or 1.888.349.8823.

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