Lasers purchased from China are most likely junk, used and have abort repairs.

To all our customers:

I have had several individuals purchase lasers from China such as Synrad or Coherent. Everything we have looked at is either full of water, repairs were attempted and aborted. There are several cases where parts were missing and one case the laser tube was gone even though they said it was tested and working. I would highly recommend you stay far away from these lasers. One customer reported spending $5,500.00. The laser was absolutely junked and the company would not send back their money. Nothing you can do when your 7500 miles apart.

I have had many customers ask if we would repair China glass tubes. I tell people no we will not. The glass laser is cheap and breaks under many conditions. The optics are absolutely cheap and the overall quality is disgraceful. I know some people have had good results, but many report just the opposite. Laser engravers are relatively cheap $3K to $7K. Most everyone China engraver uses a glass tube making the unit large and cumbersome. Always consider using American made engravers. Yes, I know there expensive, but you get a quality product with RF laser tube technology that last for many years unlike the cheap glass China laser tubes.

PS: Photovac Laser supports American made products and we would never purchase any laser from China, period! Support American manufactures and keep our jobs here!

Good Luck!

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