Synrad F100 F200 F201 F400 New Laser Tube Replacements

To all Synrad F100; F200; F201; F400 Users:

Photovac Laser Worldwide continues to be the leader in new laser tube replacements for your Synrad laser system. Photovac Laser has newly remanufactured laser tubes with a full 18-month prorated warranty for your Synrad Laser System. Our newly remanufactured laser tubes output power within or exceed the original manufactures specifications.

Now considering new 200-watt lasers cost $30,000.00, and 400-watt lasers cost $50,000.00, not to mention power supplies and accessories, add another $5000 to 8000 thousand dollars. If you have a laser cutting system, a new laser tube may not even integrate into your table. What about your Kern table or your integrators’ table? Think about it. Photovac laser tubes cost less than half of a new replacement laser and offer you as much time, if not more, than today’s new laser tubes.

Please take the time today and call our sales office and ask about repair services for your Synrad or other Co2 laser system. Photovac Laser services over 36 types of Co2 laser models and has been servicing lasers for the past 39 years. Pick up the phone and call us free of charge at 1.888.349.8823, or email us @ Sales

Christopher Zelich, President/CEO

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