Synrad FSF400’s Preventative Maintenance Recommendations September Special!

Here at Photovac Laser Worldwide we continue to work with our customers servicing Synrad FSF400 Co2 industrial based laser systems. While the lasers are work horses, we remind the customers to provide periodic maintenance upon 5-years of use. We then recommend the lasers be checked every three years after. I highly recommend the lasers should be checked and regassed for further long term operation. This holds especially true for lasers installed on any ocean coast or high humidity region. Due to these conditions, optical shaping and beam delivery system gathers dirt and corrosion issues. The beam shaping system optics should be cleaned and changed if necessary upon maintenance recommendations.

For a limited time Synrad FSF400 and other similar models are being evaluated, tested, cleaned, aligned and calibrated for $1,500.00. This fee doesn’t include regassed laser tubes or replacement optics. Our fee doesn’t cover any type of RF repairs. This is a preventative maintenance price. You are responsible for the shipping both ways. I do have crates specially designed for the FSF400. If we do find it necessary to recharge the laser tubes or replace optics or repair RF electronics we will apply $1000.00 of the preventative maintenance fee toward your repairs. As always we will provide an estimate prior to making repairs in most cases. Exceptions will be discussed with the customer on a per case situation.

Any questions call Lisa Finnell 1.888.349.8823. She will guide you through the website, registrations and logistics getting the laser shipped to Photovac Laser Worldwide. Lisa will also help you with FDA paperwork required for out of country repairs.


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