Trump Wins! Photovac Laser Hopeful of Economic Turnaround

To all Trump Supporters:

Photovac Laser sends out it’s congratulations to Donald Trumps win as President Elect of the United States. We at Photovac Laser are committed to the economic growth in the field of lasers, energy industry and boarder security. With the reduction of corporate taxes to a 15% rate, it will allow Photovac Laser to expand it business assets purchases and hiring of additional technical personnel.
With the disaster of Obama Care we will now have options for insures to cross state lines, install HSA savings accounts for employees and allow new startup insures to enter the marketplace. This plus other options to repatriate trillions of dollars back to the USA should help our economy grow substantially.
We look forward supporting Mr. Trump and maintaining his promise to the American people and his electoral base that voted for him.

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