• Tis the season to check your chiller

    Summer time typically bring us many problems with lasers that have been cooled improperly. RF exciters either internal or external and laser tube failures are due to chillers either not cooling properly or being set improperly. As the room temperature rises so should your chiller temperature to maintain consistency between the room ambient temperature and relative humidity (consult your installation guide). A typical setting for most lasers is 72 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Setting your chiller in the low to mid 60’s will definitely cause your equipment to sweat.  Always run the chiller when the laser is in operation. While newer RF lasers have internal thermostats to turn the system off, it should never be considered full proof. NEVER turn the chiller on in the morning and let it run for hours without using the laser. This will inevitable lead to moisture developing on the cooling lines and damage the RF. It doesn’t mater if there copper or plastic the lines, they will sweat. The laser running is the compensating balance of heat to the chillers balance of cooling. You should never use one without the other.
    Your chiller should be monitored with a simple thermocouple you can purchase at Amazon. They also sell dew point gauges at very little expense. You should check to make sure your filter is clean and your flow is adequate for your laser tube. Some chillers have a screen filter in the bottom of the water reservoir. Overtime this filter “will” plug up or calcify. The end result looks like a black glob at the bottom of the water reservoir.
    You should also ways remove the chiller every six months, take it outside to blow the radiator out. The radiator is just like your outside air conditioner at home. Dust, wood particles and other particulate quickly gather in the radiator. Always blow the radiator out in the opposite direction of airflow.
    The chiller should always use distilled H20. This cuts down on algae growth. I also use 1/2 cup of 70% alcohol. This maintains a  clean, fresh water environment guaranteed not to grow ugly stuff in the reservoir.

  • Photovac Laser Worldwide placed on Synrad Laser Website

    Christopher Zelich, President CEO of Photovac Laser Worldwide has announced their placement on Synrad Laser website for System Retrofit and Upgrade Services. “We are very pleased to continue the support of Synrad Lasers new product lines say’s Zelich” By visiting Synrad OEM and Integration page under “Custom Automation” you will find Photovac’s contact information. With Synrad’s new line of Ti Series and P-Series laser tubes, older automation machines are easily upgraded. Upgrades saves 10’s if not 100’s of thousands of dollars over new automation and turn key systems Zelich also said. 

  • Update to the Laser Rip off Report

    One of Photovac Laser obligations to the Co2 laser field is to maintain the integrity of  services we provide and the customers we support. All potential customers that require laser tube services should contact Photovac Laser to tell their story of being ripped-off by unreliable, unscrupulous companies. Beware, there are several of them out there, that completely and falsely advertise their services. On of the biggest cons is the cost to regas a laser tube for $800 or $900 dollars. These fraudsters than immediately say your tube requires $3k of work or they say it can’t be repaired. In most cases every tube can be repaired, obviously some that can not. These fraudsters are butchering your laser system, learning the do’s and don’ts at your expense. Photovac Laser has been in the laser repair services field for 34-years. Even if you don’t use Photovac, we are happy to give you an opinion and report with the company you are having trouble with!

  • Laser Rip off Report and Bell Laser

    To our customers once again. Please read the Laser Rip off Report and Bell Laser  We have written emails from our customers on Bell Laser  receiving and never returning customers laser tubes and payments. This also includes laser engraver machines.  Greg Rawley is being sought by numerous companies and individuals for his fraud. If you have any information for our customer to locate this guy, please contact our comp]any immediately.

  • Technical Issue resolved, and Photovac Thanked

    Nathan Wortinger…. Esterline Electronics….”OK it seems that we had a “Shutter On” line in some of our programs that was causing this error.  One of our operators determined that this line could just be removed from the program and we started running good again.
    So we can call off the Calvary for now.”

    “Thank you all for jumping on this so quickly.  I am very glad to know I have this kind of support if needed.”

  • Lumenis to Be Acquired for Approximately $510 Million, $14.00 per Share, in Cash

    With the acquisition of Lumenis Lasers customers by a Chinese Company, customers are bound to have troubles with receiving laser tubes and quality parts to repair their Co2 laser systems. Photovac Laser has a complete line of replacement laser tubes for Lumenis Co2 lasers including the ENCORE laser line. We still support all Coherent 2000,3000,4000, and 5000 series laser tubes. We have 5000C, 800 mm tubes available for exchange. Sharplan series 20C, 30C, 40C laser t tubes, along with 1030 and 1040 sealed Co2 units. We also support older XA and XL units built by Xanar / Coherent. P


    Photovac Laser has completed a full retrofit and upgrade for a Lumonics turn-key rotary system. By removing a exhausted Coherent K500 system, Photovac Laser was able to update Lumonics systems with a Synrad P400 series laser tubes said President Christopher Zelich. “We are very pleased to announce Photovac Lasers continued success retrofitting older turn-key and rotary systems with new Synrad laser tubes”. Our continued expansion in the industrial field for rotary, turn-key and textile tables are a definite benefit for our customers and Synrad Laser customers. Synrad Laser has the new P250 and P400 Co2 lasers that fit well with industrial systems. By using the customer’s current CNC machine and older program software, we can save the user 10’s if not 100’s of thousands of dollars. The customer can also quickly upgrade, rather than waiting for months to receive a new system costing thousands of dollars in lost production.

    Esterline Korry Electronics Everett, WA is the world’s leader in commercial-military switches and pushbuttons for aircraft, naval, and commercial applications. With the high power upgrade and reliability of the Synrad laser, customers like Korry Electronics can continue to meet production needs.

    Synrad laser tube upgrades work well with Lumonics and Cutting Edge systems. If you have a low power D or K series Coherent laser tube you don’t want remanufactured, you can now upgrade to high power Synrad P-Series laser with confidence. We also welcome other turn key, rotary and table manufactures systems to retrofit.

    Call today for service and upgrade information 1.888.349.8823