Sutherland Inlay and Engraving – Thank you so much Chris!

Thank you so much Chris!
Yes, every little bit helps and I appreciate your consideration.  As you might have guessed, I’m a very small operator – so small in fact that the laser provides little more than Christmas money.  But I have two or three costumers that I’ve worked with for years and I hate to let them down.  One of them is a miniature flower maker and I cut the paper parts for her.  For another, I create award plaques by inlaying wood into a solid surface material.  And my wife has a ballet school so I cut name tags for her and I use the laser to cut patterns and cloth for recital costumes.  If I was good at marketing myself, I’d be worth millions now, but… that’s never going to happen.
I do value the fact that your company can help me when my tube needs repair and that I found you in the first place.  It’s always been a pleasure doing business with you!
Thanks again


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