Coherent K150 K250 Performance Package Power Module Power Supply Update

To all of our Coherent Laser users:

Boy do I have great news. Coherent Performance Package power modules are used to run Coherent K-Series laser tubes. Just about everyone I know loves these lasers and never gets rid of them.
At Photovac Laser RF Power we have a incipient update for the Coherent Laser module for years to come. Photovac RF power has upgraded the power module with new switching DC power supplies. The older power supplies are obsolete, parts are no longer available, and believe me we see lots of failure. I have had a dozen or so good older DC power supplies we were using as replacements in the power modules up to this time. However, I felt it prudent to find a solution to replace the old supplies with today’s newer switching DC supplies. We have designed a little interface and wiring harness that allows Photovac RF Power to remove the old supplies and exchange in the new ones. We have new mounting brackets for the power supplies. We have reduce the weight by 40 lbs. And guess what? the old power supplies were water cooled with a heat exchanger. No longer. We have removed the heat exchanging unit thus reducing weight again and removing other possible water leaks and repairs.

Any questions, please call Chris Zelich 6149575817 or 6148753300 .

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