Rofin-Sinar Gone

To Rofin-Sinar users:

Over the past year, Coherent Lasers had to give up the Rofin-Sinar takeover due to antitrust issues ordered by the court.

Photovac Laser Worldwide is continuing in its best effort to maintain and support the older Rofin-Sinar laser brands. Even the larger SCx60 brand we are repairing along with the SCX10, SCX20, and SCX30. While we will continue to support Rofin-Sian lasers, we do have limitations in our support for parts. Rofin-Sinar was a very hush, hush company when it came to providing their customers with documents relating to servicing the lasers.

Photovac Laser Worldwide is always trying to improve the repair process. When customers do require service we request they provide as much documentation as possible. This would include, service manuals, schematics, users manuals, controllers and any other type of information helpful to other Rofin-Sinar users.

When sending in your laser, please always provide the laser tube, RF exciter, power supply, cables, and controllers. In many cases, the lasers have been incorporated into other OEM pieces of equipment and some of the pieces we require may not be accessible.

If any customers of the Rofin-Sinar brand would like to contact me directly please feel free to do so. I want to make sure that we report our information with accuracy and correct any misinformation that may be in question or misleading.

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