Coherent Laser E400 Support. Full Support

To all of our Coherent E400 Users:

Coherent Laser (TM) has ended the end-of-life service for Coherent E400. Coherent, as far as we are told, will still give you an exchange laser head or RF for a little more time. This repair typically takes 6 to 8 weeks, not including shipping. Coherent charges typically $23,000 for the laser head and $20,000 for the RF exchange.

Photovac Laser continues to support Coherent E400 with full remanufacturing capability. An East Coast company is trying to regas the laser for $7000.00. Whether you like it or not, they regas the laser and send it back. Their service regas lasts for a month or so before it goes wrong; sending the laser back to them and waiting months on end is not out of the question with this company. Your end results typically your laser is not fixed, bait and switched, and your out $7000 plus shipping.

Photovac Laser is a full-service company. We have the parts to repair the laser cavity. There are leaks within the laser cavity in most cases, and Photovac can repair these leaks with new seals, unlike any other 3rd. Party fly-by-night organization. We have RF boards, delivery optics, and pelters for power sensors. No one has these parts except the manufacturer and Photovac Laser Worldwide.

Please contact our sales team today and ask about our comprehensive services. 1.888.349.8823 or 614.875.3300

Thank you.
Christopher Zelich, President/CEO

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