Coherent(TM) J3 and J5 Laser Service

To Coherent J3 & J5 Customers:

Coherent(TM) J3 and J5 lasers have been in the field for several years, and the lasers are showing up at our door for service. The J-Series is a different laser and wholly redesigned, unlike the E400 laser. Like all sealed lasers, they break, and we have seen several of them over the past year. Photovac Laser is still in the process of gearing up to support the J3/J5 laser. Customers report Coherent won’t even fix it based on a part and charges $33,000 for an exchange unit. How can a laser that is barely 2-years old cost $33k to replace with a rebuilt laser head? Photovac Laser has identified one major defect in the laser cavity design that we can repair.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your J-Series needs further. 1.888.349.8823 or 614.875.3300

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