Photovac Laser has completed a full retrofit and upgrade for a Lumonics turn-key rotary system. By removing a exhausted Coherent K500 system, Photovac Laser was able to update Lumonics systems with a Synrad P400 series laser tubes said President Christopher Zelich. “We are very pleased to announce Photovac Lasers continued success retrofitting older turn-key and rotary systems with new Synrad laser tubes”. Our continued expansion in the industrial field for rotary, turn-key and textile tables are a definite benefit for our customers and Synrad Laser customers. Synrad Laser has the new P250 and P400 Co2 lasers that fit well with industrial systems. By using the customer’s current CNC machine and older program software, we can save the user 10’s if not 100’s of thousands of dollars. The customer can also quickly upgrade, rather than waiting for months to receive a new system costing thousands of dollars in lost production.

Esterline Korry Electronics Everett, WA is the world’s leader in commercial-military switches and pushbuttons for aircraft, naval, and commercial applications. With the high power upgrade and reliability of the Synrad laser, customers like Korry Electronics can continue to meet production needs.

Synrad laser tube upgrades work well with Lumonics and Cutting Edge systems. If you have a low power D or K series Coherent laser tube you don’t want remanufactured, you can now upgrade to high power Synrad P-Series laser with confidence. We also welcome other turn key, rotary and table manufactures systems to retrofit.

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