RPP INC. Sends Great News about Photovac Laser Service Capabilities


” Good news.  The new PC board seems to have solved all the problems.  The machine is working great.  I did have a couple of Power Failures but I replaced the 5VDC power supply and the machine has not missed a lick since then.  The old control power supply would fluctuate between 4.3 volts and go up to about 5.5.  I was told by Beam, several years ago, that the voltage needed to be constant between 4.9 and 5.1.  I did not want to damage the new PC board so I replaced the old power supply with the same type only it is a medically qualified unit vs. the standard industrial unit supplied with the machine originally.  The supplies are the same but everything is held to tighter tolerances.  You did a great job and in the future should any issues come up I will contact you first before Coherent. Obviously the new Coherent K250 laser tube and RF supply that Photovac repaired works flawlessly”

Also FYI.  Nate Peterson, from Coherent, replaced the laser tube and RF unit on the new machine and it is up and running also.  I ask him about the noise the old machine makes vs. the new machine which is quite.  He showed me, on the new machine, where you can change the frequency that the machine uses to cut.  The old machine did not have this feature.  He changed the frequency, on the new machine, to show me and sure enough it sounded different.  Evidently the default frequency on the old machine is the issue.  Since it cuts fine I am not going to attempt to make any change. Your diagnosis on the tube and RF on this unit was spot on Chris.

Again great job! ”

Best regards,



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