Update to the Laser Rip off Report

One of Photovac Laser obligations to the Co2 laser field is to maintain the integrity of  services we provide and the customers we support. All potential customers that require laser tube services should contact Photovac Laser to tell their story of being ripped-off by unreliable, unscrupulous companies. Beware, there are several of them out there, that completely and falsely advertise their services. On of the biggest cons is the cost to regas a laser tube for $800 or $900 dollars. These fraudsters than immediately say your tube requires $3k of work or they say it can’t be repaired. In most cases every tube can be repaired, obviously some that can not. These fraudsters are butchering your laser system, learning the do’s and don’ts at your expense. Photovac Laser has been in the laser repair services field for 34-years. Even if you don’t use Photovac, we are happy to give you an opinion and report with the company you are having trouble with!

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