• Thankful Next Day Stamps & Engraving!


    ” I want to take the time to say Thank you for going over & above on refurbishing our laser tube & optics. Lisa, I want to say thak you for your constant communication in reference to the laser tubes readiness in production and ready to ship process. Chip, thank you so much in your assistance in the fine tuning the red dot pointer with the actual laser burn. Thank you for your 45 minutes of time out of your day to help the small guy!! To Joe and the others who put their mighty mighty hands of knowledge in the rebuilding process of our Coherent GEM rebuilding process of our Coherent GEM 75 watt. I thank each and everyone of you… My loyalty & friendship will always be with Photovac Laser…

    Very Thankful,

    Cory @ Next Day Stamps & Engraving

  • Classic Trophy Very Appreciative

    Dear Photovac Laser:

    “Thank you for all your help, we greatly appreciate it and who knew that a new tube would make our lives easier, projects now only need one pass and shorter time unlike the past few years of several passes and slowing down to get “decent” results. ”

    Best Regards,

    Zac, Classic Trophy Inc.

  • Returning Customers Send Request

    “I’ve worked with you before and your service was phenomenal!!! I’m hoping you can assist again. Can you please tell me if you recharge Universal Laser Systems CO2 tubes? I have (2) 60 watts that need charging.”

    Thank you,
    Lynne Sapienza
    Millennium Awards & Photography
    1184 Wigwam Parkway, Suite 110
    Henderson, NV 89074

  • Creative Custom Solutions Recommends Photovac Laser Worldwide!

     Our experience with Photovac Laser was very positive. Upon sending our non-working components to you, we had no idea what what was wrong with them. Expecting the worst and big bill, we were surprised to hear the problems were a lot less costly than what we would have thought. Not only did this save us money, you provided excellent support to get our machine back up and running again. Being a full service laser fabrication shop, we need every watt of our laser to cut through thicker substrates. We were pleased to hear that your calibration data showed our beam output was beyond the expected wattage, ensuring we have the power we need. I am glad we chose your company to fix our laser system. We would certainly recommend you to anyone in need of your services and contact you for future repairs.

    Owner, Justin Russ

    Creative Custom Solutions LLC
    Atlanta, GA

  • Lumenis 40C Medical Laser Goes Well!

    Photovac/Chris Zelich,

    “I’m bad about keeping up with my personal email, so I writing to let you know that the refurbished tube was great!  It took me a while to get it installed due to me having a lot going on, but now it’s installed and there are no problems whatsoever.

    Thanks for the good work,”


    Chris Bruck

    Alexandria, KY 41001

  • Sharpline Converting Inc. Sends Thanks and Warning.

    Dear Chris:

    “We are one of many that unfortunately sent a laser to Bell Laser to be repaired. Bell turned around and sent it to Evergreen Laser. BAD CHOICE!!! We sent the laser in February and didn’t receive it until December. When were received it “fixed” it was basically DOA. We returned it, Evergreen “fixed” it again. This time it was half strength.

    Photovac stepped in and got us running. It is clear from talking with Chris and John that they are very knowledgeable about all kinds of CO2 lasers. Chris has also been very responsive to our needs for both communication as well as getting the laser repaired for real.

    These people are good for their word – they say what they will do and do what they say. Thanks Chris and crew for all your hard work.”

    Eric Snyder, Sharpline Converting Inc.

    Witchita Kansas

  • Union Medical Laser Service and Replacement Co2 Lasers

    To All Union Medical Laser Users:

    Photovac Laser Worldwide continues to offer on-going support for older Union Medical UL 25 systems. Older Union Medical Systems 2006 or earlier unfortunately the laser tubes are extremely difficult to regas. With the use of the older (HV) High Voltage power supply, software and laser tube gas, an almost impossible balancing act is required to make the system work correctly. We tell our customers their laser should be replaced with the newest version Union Medical Ul 25 laser system. Photovac Laser will attempt to repair any older system, but making the customer aware in many cases it just doesn’t work out.

    Listen folks, Union Medical offers a very inexpensive laser for a good cost. It’s not made in China, so your not buying a piece of crap. We support the new version laser throughout the United States! Make a business decision! Is the laser important enough to my business to invest in a reliable system for many years to come?

    Call me today. I will be happy to work with you updating your older veterinary laser.


    Christopher Zelich

  • Trump Wins! Photovac Laser Hopeful of Economic Turnaround

    To all Trump Supporters:

    Photovac Laser sends out it’s congratulations to Donald Trumps win as President Elect of the United States. We at Photovac Laser are committed to the economic growth in the field of lasers, energy industry and boarder security. With the reduction of corporate taxes to a 15% rate, it will allow Photovac Laser to expand it business assets purchases and hiring of additional technical personnel.
    With the disaster of Obama Care we will now have options for insures to cross state lines, install HSA savings accounts for employees and allow new startup insures to enter the marketplace. This plus other options to repatriate trillions of dollars back to the USA should help our economy grow substantially.
    We look forward supporting Mr. Trump and maintaining his promise to the American people and his electoral base that voted for him.