• Trump Wins! Photovac Laser Hopeful of Economic Turnaround

    To all Trump Supporters:

    Photovac Laser sends out it’s congratulations to Donald Trumps win as President Elect of the United States. We at Photovac Laser are committed to the economic growth in the field of lasers, energy industry and boarder security. With the reduction of corporate taxes to a 15% rate, it will allow Photovac Laser to expand it business assets purchases and hiring of additional technical personnel.
    With the disaster of Obama Care we will now have options for insures to cross state lines, install HSA savings accounts for employees and allow new startup insures to enter the marketplace. This plus other options to repatriate trillions of dollars back to the USA should help our economy grow substantially.
    We look forward supporting Mr. Trump and maintaining his promise to the American people and his electoral base that voted for him.

  • Modular One Display Posts Update

    “Hello Chris,

    I received a call today about someone who Bell Laser has failed to satisfy…

    It reminded me that I needed to give you an update on our laser situation so you might be able to update your webpage.

    So, after 6 months and many attempts of communications with Bell Laser via email, phone calls and voice messages we had given up on ever seeing our Synrad laser and RF unit again. I contacted Photovac Laser as their webpage spoke of others who were having problems to ask them to have those folks send their concerns to the BBB to hopefully prevent others from being hurt as we were. 6 months of not having your laser is plenty of time for your customer base to be forced to find another vendor so it felt like a lifetime.

    On Oct. 9th I received a tip from Chris of Photovac laser as to where my laser might be. I followed up on that lead and got a response on Oct. 10th 2015. The individual said they would do some research and get back with me. Turns out they did not have the laser but said they would continue to check there sources and see if they could locate it. Eventually they said Bell Laser had it still and that they were going to send it to Evergreen. (I didn’t believe Bell Laser would follow through as they had made many promises to me over the months prior to completely cutting off all communications.) But, by Nov. 10 2016Evergreen was in possession of our equipment. I was amazed. Evergreen did some testing and said it needed to be charged. I contacted Synrad and asked them who they recommended I have work on the laser. They told me to have Photovac work on it as they were confident they would do a good job. So, in February I issued a call tag to Evergreen via UPS and the laser shipped to Photovac. (I asked Evergreen to delay shipping it until after the holiday rush as I didn’t want the packages handled rough as sometime happens during the holiday rush.) Evergreen packaged up the equipment and waited for the call tags and sent it on. They didn’t charge for the testing they did or whatever transit expense was required to get it from Bell Laser to Evergreen.

    Photovac Laser recharged it and I had it back in Utah March of 2016. It has been working fine ever since. We are very happy.

    When the laser arrived at our place there were some fitting missing that we had sent originally. I assume they were lost in all the handling that went on between the places it had been. I contacted Photovac to see if by chance the pieces were there but found out they were not. They gathered up the things I needed and sent them to me at no charge. It was a very nice ending to a pretty grueling experience.

    Thank you Chris for the tip that lead to us having our laser back. It was nothing short of amazing that we were able to get it back.”


    Jack Brady

    Modular One Displays

    2110 S. Industrial Park Road

    Richfield, Utah 84701

  • Installation Kit for the Novice`

    To all of our new and present customers:


    So many of our users are hell bent to reinstall their remanufactured laser tubes. At Photovac Laser, we support all customer re installations as a free service included with your service. This value is easily $1500 to $2000 for a field service call. In an effort to continue our support, we want our users to purchase their own instillation kit from Photovac Laser for $150.00. This kit is guaranteed to answer your questions when it comes to your system voltage and current settings for the laser tube. It also supports the alignment and cleaning of your optics. This one isn’t sending me on vacation folks. But I guarantee it will make your re installations a much easier process, guaranteed!

    Chris Zelich, President CEO

  • Heritage Sign and Display sends appreciation

    Hi Chris,

    I just want to take a minute to drop you a line to Thank You for all the Help you and the rest of your team was when I lost my T100 Laser. The RF Unit went bad and you repaired it faster then I expected it. Then my Power Supplies went bad. And since the vendor of my Laser didn’t carry the Power Supplies for it any more your team member Lisa stepped up to help me find a compatible ones for it. Again Thank You and the rest of your Team.

    Thank You

    Tom Zarcufsky

    Maintenance Manager

  • The Larry Beck Company

    Dear Chris:
    “Just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for repairing the laser tube for our engraver. We installed it today, and it is so nice to have the machine burn like it did 10 years ago. Thank you for a job well done!”

  • Spain Customer is Pissed off by botched repair

    Dear Photovac Laser:
    “Our laser is currently located in the US in Connecticut to be exact sorry for not mention that earlier. Evergreen Laser “tried” without much effort for what we can understand to fix the laser. It’s been there since February and after weeks of delays and having to fight to get contact with them they cannot perform the repair needed.”

    Regards, Jose
    Jos Rodriguez Migoya

  • Photovac Laser Repairs High Power Synrad Laser

    Dear Chris:

    “We have the laser (Synrad F400) re-installed and just measure the power @ 468 watts.
    Thank all of you very much.
    I didn’t know if I was ever going to get it repaired after hearing all the horror stories of other companies destroying Synrad Laser products.
    You guys did a great job. And again, many thanks. You can definitely use me as a reference. Synrad made the right recommendation”

    Jim Draper
    Rocky Mountain Waterjet & Laser
    2218 4th Avenue
    Greeley, CO 80631-7164
    (970) 395-1010

  • Gravitech, cz. saved thousands of dollars

    Please see our customers response for their repair of Coherent K500 Co2 laser system placed in our testimonial section.

    Photovac Laser has both Coherent K250 < >300 watts and Coherent K500 <>600 watts currently available for SALE. Our units are completely remanufactured to new like condition. Our systems come with a full One-year warranty on the laser head, 6-months on th power module include RF cables, logic cable and RF remote controller. We can also offer you the Digital Controller for an additional fee. Hurry they won’t last long!