• Lasers purchased from China are most likely junk, used and have abort repairs.

    To all our customers:

    I have had several individuals purchase lasers from China such as Synrad or Coherent. Everything we have looked at is either full of water, repairs were attempted and aborted. There are several cases where parts were missing and one case the laser tube was gone even though they said it was tested and working. I would highly recommend you stay far away from these lasers. One customer reported spending $5,500.00. The laser was absolutely junked and the company would not send back their money. Nothing you can do when your 7500 miles apart.

    I have had many customers ask if we would repair China glass tubes. I tell people no we will not. The glass laser is cheap and breaks under many conditions. The optics are absolutely cheap and the overall quality is disgraceful. I know some people have had good results, but many report just the opposite. Laser engravers are relatively cheap $3K to $7K. Most everyone China engraver uses a glass tube making the unit large and cumbersome. Always consider using American made engravers. Yes, I know there expensive, but you get a quality product with RF laser tube technology that last for many years unlike the cheap glass China laser tubes.

    PS: Photovac Laser supports American made products and we would never purchase any laser from China, period! Support American manufactures and keep our jobs here!

    Good Luck!

  • GCC Laser Pro Co2 tube Repair Service

    Many users from GCC Laser Pro call us about their laser tubes and the best way to have them serviced. Our technicians @ Photovac are ready assist you to remove, install, and align the laser back to your engraver system. Weather you have a Synrad laser tubes or Iradian laser tubes both are fully serviced @ Photovac Laser Worldwide. Photovac does not charge for this service like the manufactures do saving you hundreds $ if not a thousand $ dollars. We also have a unique way to test the laser tube to determine if your laser tube requires repair. Call us today 1.348.8823 or 614.875.3300

  • Synrad F200/201 Lasers Serviced

    To all Synrad F-series 200 and 201 users:

    Photovac Laser has actively repaired Synrad F-series lasers for many years. With the aging population of Synrad Lasers SFS200 and 201, Photovac Laser and Photovac Laser RF has found it self in a very unique position. Photovac Laser Worldwide and Photovac Laser RF currently have serviced over Ninety 200 and 201 laser tubes along with RF boards. Photovac Laser is the only company to have replacement boards and replacement tubes for these Synrad model lasers.

    Customers have QUICKLY come to find out there are other parties attempting to repair these laser tubes and RF’s without any manufacture support. The end result is being ripped-off for repairs that are never completed or their laser is simply NEVER returned to the rightful owner. Photovac Laser Worldwide and Photovac Laser RF has schematics, boards, tubes and optics for the lasers and RF sections. NO OTHER PARTY HAS SUCH DRAWINGS OR SUPPORT.

    Please feel free to contact us for further information regarding Synrad’s FSF200 and 201 lasers, and other Synrad laser products Photovac Laser provides complete and comprehensive service on.

    If you have RF questions, please contact Photovac Laser RF @ 614.957.5817.

  • Engraving Unlimited says thank you for service and support.

    ” I first sent it to Gravotech which they said on the phone about $1000.00 when the estimate came back it was $8029.00 with 1 optic lens needed replaced. I had them return that’s when I found Photovac Laser on the web. I sent them the laser and they agreed 1 optic lens was bad. They recharged my laser and replaced one optic lens for $2130.00. I can’t thank them enough for their service and support.” ” Lisa keep me advised of the repair and Joe helped me out on two calls about mirror alignment.”

    Engraving Unlimited
    3754 Rocky Ridge Ln.
    Lawrenceburg, IN 47025

  • Laser-Crafts sends Thank you

    Had some trouble with my laser which Joe helped me sort out. It turned out to be a broken wire in the 9 pin connector on the laser power controller on my 57-1 you guys fixed for me.
    The laser is now up and running very well.
    Thank you for your work and please pass it on to Joe”

    15 W Main St.
    Cambridge, NY 12816
    Wikipedia: Thomas J. Duffy
    Website: thomasjduffy.com

  • Synrad F201SC Available

    We just completed a very good condition Synrad F201SC. Our price is $15,499.00 with a 90 Day warranty. Produces 280 watts. This will not last long. Please also visit our Laser Sales Page for further information and other available systems.

  • Photovac Laser Worldwide Introduces ” Synron User” Control Interface for Synrad Lasers

    Photovac Laser Worldwide is now offering an incipient way to operate your Synrad Laser. Photovac Laser Worldwide is introducing Synron User Professional and Synron User Fundamental user interfaces for all brands of Synrad Co2 lasers. Our adjustable laser pulse frequency, laser pulse width control system will work with all Synrad 48 Series, V Series, TI Series, F Series, VI Series, I Series and Pulstar Series lasers. Some limitations due apply. Synron User Professional and Synron User Fundamental can be utilized in immensely colossal factory automation conditions or your local mom and pop stores. Photovac is the US leader in Synrad Laser integration into preexisting systems or newly automated systems. Synron User Professional is a plug and play adaptive way to control your Synrad User Series laser. Synron User Professional provides the laser operator with the wide range functionality for adjustment of laser pulse frequency, laser pulse width and gating control up to 20KHZ. All features and adjustments at your hand while being monitor by our touch control monitor, tablet or cell phone.

    Laser Pulse Frequency is how rapidly the Synrad laser pulses on and off while also being controlled by your adjustable pulse width, while at the same time gating the amount of laser pulses with your external pulse modulation up to 20KHZ. Easier said, if you have a laser pulse frequency of 5KHZ and you increase it to 10KHZ, your pulse output will be twice a close to each other up to the limit of the lasers duty cycle.

    Most every pulse width modulator on the market either limits the laser pulse frequency to 5KHZ, 10KHZ, or 20KHZ. Pulse width modulators do sanction variable pulse width control with inhibitions. There are additionally circumscriptions by the lasers duty cycle. Gating of Synrad lasers (on/off pulses) can be varied between 5khz to 100KHZ. Controllers buss data that is providing these features become saturated after 9600 HZ the prevalent baud rate of most controllers. This would be the case of Synrad’s UC2000 controller. After 9600 HZ the controllers simply become dormant due to the diligent buss addressing of the 8 bit computer chip. With Synron User-Professional we have eliminated buss addressing due to the rapid cycles of gating control. Synron User Professional sanctions the user to adjust pulse frequency control between 1HZ and 20KHZ sanctioning the user extreme flexibility all by the physical contact on a monitor. With astronomically immense pulse frequency variance at your command, your pulse width control (actual on time of laser) is additionally variable with a wide range of settings. Remember the laser duty cycle or amount of power the laser can provide is directly effected by these settings with a maximum duty cycle of 37.5% (Synrad P150). Some lasers offer up to 60% duty Cycle, while others sanction 40%. Please consultant the manufactures designations for duty cycle limits.

    Pulse width control variance is a huge advantage with the other factors fore mentioned. Synron User Professional allows pulse width control from 1 millisecond up to 999 milliseconds or 1 second. Once again you can vary your laser pulse frequency with great latitude, along with your pulse width up to the lasers duty cycle limit. All of your adjust features are available on our monitor, tablet or cell phone.

    Synron User Professional exhibit features so you how much average power(watts) your Synrad laser is producing with your screen settings. You must have Synron User Power Monitor for this feature and may be purchased as an add-on. Photovac Laser as a systems integrator is able to acclimate your preexisting laser or incipient laser with the Synron User Power Monitor feature. There are conspicuous requisites for power adaptation and we would be ecstatic to work with you to provide this highly enhanced feature.

    Synron User Professional has the availability to monitor Meanwell power supplies while in operating with your Synrad laser. Synron User Professional exhibits voltage and current of your Synrad lasers power supply. This feature can reassure your Synrad laser is running at optimal voltage and current settings.

    Synron User Professional offers the user to monitor and adjust your Synrad lasers power setting from a local remote (WiFi-required) using our software for a tablet or cell phone. Our software will easily integrate to any Android tablet or cell phone. This feature is only available with Synron User Professional software and not Synron User Fundamental.

    Synron User Professional offers the user to monitor and adjust your Synrad lasers power setting from a local remote (WiFi-required) utilizing our software for a tablet or cell phone. Our software will facilely integrate to any Android tablet or cell phone. This feature is only available with Synron User Professional software and not Synron User Fundamental.

    Photovac Laser Worldwide is ready to integrate your incipient Synrad Laser into your preexisting system. We specialize in Micro Aperture Perforation for the food, ceramic and paper industries. Synrad Lasers offer unique 1/e2 beam profiles with the congruous set of optics, beam collimators and process heads are able to deliver apertures smaller than 100um with perfect circularity.

    Please call and ask for Joe Hennes or Scott Nagy for further information:

  • Iradion Laser Tube Refill Service.

    Photovac Laser customers are always inquiring about Iradion Laser tube regas service. Please contact our offices and our representatives will be ready to help you with any questions regarding Iradion laser regas services. The all ceramic laser is special and requires gas and procedures to make it perform like manufactures specifications. Companies testing gas mixtures on your laser and “trying” to figure it out are just frankly fraudulent. Photovac Laser has been repairing and remanufacturing Co2 lasers since 1994. Photovac Laser is the pioneer for 3rd party Co2 laser repair services in the industrial, commercial and medical field of Co2 lasers. Why would you go to someone that you don’t know and is “experimenting” with your laser? We have had dozens and dozens of customers that have said their laser was destroyed by companies that tried to regas their unit. Please see our laser rip-off report. The Laser-Rip Off report is written in the customers own words and published by Photovac Laser under our 1st. amendment rights. !