• Town Trophy Great Appreciation for Photovac Service

    Dear Chris,

    When the manufacturer failed to resolve the issue with our engraver you and your staff were able to figure it out.We’re not sure where we would be without you and your teams determination in repairing our laser.  The compassion and service provided by you, Joe and Lisa was incredible and unheard of in today’s business world.  We simply can not sing enough praises for PhotoVac Laser. Worldwide   You guys went above and beyond.

    THANK YOU!!!


    Nancy & Bill Hagmaier

    Town Line Trophies

    Delran, NJ

    Side note:   We did not want to address you coming in on the weekend for us in fear of everyone expecting that of you.

    We truly appreciated that.  You guys went above and beyond.

    Town Line Trophies
    Fax 856-461-0860

  • Synrad’s RF 3000 Repair Service in Demand

    To all of our valued Synrad Evolution and RF 3000 users.

    RF 3000 is used on many Synrad Evolution lasers including Evolution 100, 200 and 240 series lasers.  Photovac Laser is fully qualified and certified by Synrad Laser in the repair and maintenance of RF 3000. Our RF division Photovac RF Power performs 3 levels of comprehensive service. Level 1 is a comprehensive check up of the RF exciter and includes a replacement water kit. The kit consists of new bulkhead water fittings, flow switch and coolant line maintenance. Level 2 is our “minor” repair service that includes Level 1, plus minor repairs to digital and RF electronics. Level 2 is our “major” repair service, includes Level 1 and major component replacements to digital and RF electronics. All repairs include our industry leading 6-month warranty for material and workmanship.

  • Coherent GEM Series 30/40 Laser Tubes

    To all our valued customers:

    Customers demand for the regas of Coherent GEM 30 and 40 laser tubes is to say massive. Photovac Laser has new replacement tubes from Coherent to support your continued use of your laser engraver. With our one-year warranty you have piece of mind knowing your laser is fully covered. Please contact us today to discuss your replacement needs. 1.888.349.8823.

  • XTCREASING MATRIX LTD Sends Christmas Best

    Dear Chris;

    ” Sorry for the delay in responding. I wanted to do something a little special for you which is why it took so long. I hope you like them the wood Green Bay Packer plaques were run on the laser Photovac fixed, and wow does it look nice. And the key rings were run on my CNC. We wanted to say “Thank you”  for the effort that you and your staff took-in order to get us back up and running again. We had a really nice time visiting and meeting all of you! “Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.”

    From Bryan and Pat Harris. Canada

  • Coherent D600L, D600, D1000 and D1000L RF Exciters.

    From the President:

    Once again I would like our laser public know you do have a place to come for your Coherent, Coherent/DEOS RF exciter repairs. I have spoken with many people being told they must buy new lasers because their RF exciters are not repairable. THIS IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE. Photovac RF Power has all components, power modules, and PC Boards for COMPLETE and comprehensive repair for the Coherent D-Series exciters. The D-Series exciters run Coherent GEM 100, GEM 120 and GEM Series laser tubes. Always call Photovac Laser if you have any questions regarding what type of laser system you have installed in your laser engraver, Euro Laser, Kern or other industrial laser cutting table. We’ll be happy to help you!


  • Photovac RF Power, Division of Photovac Laser Worldwide

    From the President:

    In all my years I never thought we wood reach a level that demands so mush RF power repair. Photovac RF Power is a stand alone division supporting Photovac Laser Worldwide in the repair of RF power systems and RF exciters for industrial laser tubes. Photovac RF Power has established a separate facility to repair and maintain RF power systems. Photovac RF Power supports most RF power systems from most US and Foreign laser producers. We specialize in the majors including Synrad and Coherent Laser.

    Please feel free to contact Photovac Laser Worldwide for your repair requirements.

  • Customers Requesting Coherent E400 Service Demand Strong

    From The President:

    This past year has been absolutely amazing with major growth in our overseas operations, industrial laser tubes and RF power division. With the continued use of Co2 lasers in the industrial field, Coherent’s E400 series is in high demand. With high demand always comes the eventual breakdown of the laser tube and/or RF components. Photovac Laser is well posistioned to support the repair of Coherent E400 series laser system. Coherent’s E400 is a beast due to it’s weight and power requirements. Photovac Laser has the capacity to service the laser from reprocessing to re manufacturing. Our comprehensive service also includes the RF segments of the Coherent E400 laser system.
    Photovac Laser is a worldwide pioneer and leader in the field of industrial, medical and RF laser power systems. Our service for the Coherent E400 while comprehensive does not include any type of exchange program. The manufacture requires a minimum of $25,000.00 to either repair the laser or exchange. Photovac Laser prides it self on it ability to support this laser system, while maintaining a major cost savings to our customers.
    Please feel free to contact us today for your service needs for the Coherent E400 series laser systems by Coherent Laser.

    Christopher Zelich, President/CEO, Inc.
    Photovac Laser Corporation
    Photovac Laser Worlwide


  • Photovac Laser Receives Nice Endorsement and Thanks

    Chris, Lisa and Team,

    “I just wanted to thank you and your team for taking the time to discuss with me the intricacies of laser tubes when I brought in my unit for repair. With this information I was able to clearly understand what you encountered as you rebuilt my unit and gave me periodic updates. My laser now works exceptionally well and may even be better than when it was new! When the time comes to rebuild again or just get a checkup….I’ll be back for sure.”

    Thanks again!

    Ray Sackrider

    2809 Riggs Lane

    Batavia, OH 45103